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Profitero Launches the Industry’s Most Complete and Precise Analytics Solution for Maximizing Amazon Sales Performance

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Profitero today launched AMZ Maximizer, the most complete and precise
analytics solution for maximizing Amazon sales.

AMZ Maximizer fixes a blind spot for brands selling on Amazon. While
brands know how their product sales are trending on Amazon, it’s hard
for them to measure the two main factors underlying sales performance:
daily shopper views of their product pages (traffic) and daily product
page conversion rates. Profitero analysis shows that 60% of sponsored
products on Amazon have suboptimal conversion rates, revealing a missed
opportunity to boost ROI by sponsoring higher-converting products.

Using sophisticated algorithms, AMZ Maximizer provides brands with
granular, daily-updated traffic and conversion estimates for all their
products. It also allows brands to quickly and easily correlate their
traffic, conversion and sales performance with changes in search
ranking, pricing, out-of-stock rates, content and reviews, leading to
more precise optimization.

Additionally, by using AMZ Maximizer brands can:

  • Better prioritize content and promotional investments by focusing on
    the lowest-converting products with the greatest need and most to gain
  • Rapidly test new content variables, such as product images, videos and
    A+ content, and measure impact on traffic and conversion before
    implementing at scale
  • Identify leading indicators of sales performance issues earlier and
    respond faster

“Using AMZ Maximizer’s traffic insights, we’ve been able to better
forecast demand for our Amazon products and quickly adjust our supply
chain to maintain in-stock rates,” said Stacy Hanks, Director of
eCommerce for The Master Lock Company. “So far, this has allowed us to
recapture half a million dollars in annualized sales for one of our
highest-viewed products. Applying the same approach to our entire
catalog has the potential to create several million dollars in
additional value for our business, annually.”

“Amazon is incredibly dynamic, and brands are constantly seeing their
product sales fluctuate without precise insight into why. This can lead
to guesswork and inefficient investment by eCommerce teams,” said Vol
Pigrukh, CEO and co-founder of Profitero. “By providing a 360-degree
view of the digital shelf, combined with a highly-granular view of the
full Amazon sales funnel, Profitero clients will be able to grow online
sales in a focused, proactive way.”

Learn more about Profitero’s AMZ Maximizer here.

About Profitero

Profitero is the eCommerce performance analytics platform of choice for
leading brands around the world. With Profitero, brands can measure
their digital shelf performance across 8,000+ retailer sites and mobile
apps in 50 countries, gaining actionable insights to improve product
content, search placement, ratings & reviews, availability, assortment
and pricing. Profitero also allows brands to measure their Amazon sales,
share, traffic and conversion, and connect it to their digital shelf
performance so they can precisely identify the factors influencing
desired outcomes. Many of the world’s leading brand manufacturers depend
on Profitero’s granular and highly accurate data to measure and improve
their eCommerce performance. These include Bayer, Beiersdorf, Dorel
Juvenile, Edgewell, General Mills, Kids II, L’Oreal, The Master Lock
Company and Molson Coors.