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Prosperoware Improves Office 365 Provisioning Capabilities for Microsoft Teams With OneNote, Planner and OneDrive

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Prosperoware, a thought-leading enterprise software company for a digitized world, announces the ability to provision Teams with OneNote and Planner tabs plus external user provisioning and folders in OneDrive through Prosperoware CAM. CAM is an enterprise process and governance platform for content and collaboration systems, including Microsoft Teams, designed to improve adoption, enhance processes around management of office documents, and reduce risks related to privacy & cybersecurity.

Microsoft Teams has been rapidly deployed by organizations aiming to adjust to the new normal. The risk with Teams and OneDrive is that without strict governance there is a high risk of content and collaboration sprawl. Users will find it challenging to locate the appropriate Team, Channel, or document while risk professionals will struggle to understand the context or business purpose so they can ensure data is appropriately secured and properly disposed.

Our unique approach relies on adding context by applying rich metadata to identify projects, matters, engagements, etc. to workspaces, Teams, Channels, and folders in content and collaboration systems. This approach benefits end users and the risk management team. Users can leverage critical metadata to easily locate content, while risk professionals can focus on the security and disposition of data instead of simply trying to figure out its context.

Prosperoware CAM enhances productivity and collaboration within MS Teams while adding governance. CAM enables provisioning of Teams and Channels from templates with a set of tabs – now including Planner and OneNote – while assigning rich metadata to include identifiers to the Team or Channel. It also allows provisioning of external users while maintaining governance. With CAM, organizations can now empower users to work in OneDrive while tracking folders to matters or projects. For organizations with existing investments in ethical wall and DMS systems, CAM extends the ethical wall solution onto Teams and SharePoint Online.

“Businesses are facing the trifecta: increased risk from spoofing, increased client pressure around cybersecurity, and user-created sprawl from using a variety of content and collaboration systems”, says Keith Lipman, Prosperoware’s CEO and Co-founder, “We designed CAM to leverage their content & collaboration systems for digital transformation while improving governance. The addition of Planner and OneNote provisioning capabilities with existing functionality enables organizations to define repeatable processes.”

Key features of CAM for Office 365 include:

  • Automatic provisioning of Teams & Channels from Practice Management, Time & Billing, CRM and other source systems, or through an approval-based workflow using templates
  • Provisioning of SharePoint Online sites & folders to OneDrive
  • Provisioning of OneNote and Planner as Tabs in Channels
  • Ability to provision web page tabs
  • Support for creating pre-defined folder structure in the files tab
  • Ability for the end user to add additional folders as needed from a pre-defined list
  • Provision internal & external users, manage permissions, and generate reports
  • Automatic & consistent naming of Teams and Channels
  • Support for integration with leading ethical wall systems
  • Scheduled & manual document movement between MS Teams & DMS

To learn more about how CAM can enhance your MS Teams experience, watch our 3-min ONLY demo, or read our CAM Microsoft Teams datasheet.