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ProStar Hires Matthew Breman as VP of Marketing

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ProStar announced today that the company has hired Matthew Breman as the company’s new Vice President of Marketing. Mr. Breman will be responsible for managing critical marketing strategies for ProStar, including ProStar’s cloud and mobile Precision Mapping Solutions™. The addition of Mr. Breman to the ProStar team will be crucial to accomplishing the company’s vision, growth, and success.

ProStar CEO Page Tucker commented, “With the addition of Mr. Breman to our executive management team, we’ve added a very seasoned and talented resource to lead our sales and marketing efforts. Matthew’s qualifications are nothing short of impressive, and I have no doubt that he will have an immediate impact and add tremendous value.”

Matthew brings to ProStar his experience in television and event management from MTV/Nickelodeon and his communications leadership from Walt Disney World Resort as well his production of award-winning marketing as a CEO. He is a forward-thinking leader who is experienced in establishing, managing, and maintaining both message and brand. As CEO Matthew lead Cranium 360 to be recognized by Colorado Business Magazine as one of Colorado’s top marketing agencies.

“I am excited to be part of the ProStar team that is bringing new, innovative, and disruptive technologies to the market,” said Matthew Breman. “I am looking forward to this next chapter in my career and increasing the brand and product awareness for ProStar on both a national and global scale.”

About ProStar

ProStar specializes in the development of Precision Mapping Solutions™. ProStar’s Solution is natively Cloud and Mobile and offered as Software as a Service. ProStar’s Solution is designed to improve the business operations of any industry that requires the precise location of sub-surface infrastructure including utility, oil & gas, construction, engineering & surveying, 811 and contract locating. ProStar’s Solution enables real-time access to precise location information where and when it is most needed, including in the office and out in the field.