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PS Technology Announces Genesee & Wyoming’s Adoption of CrewPro Short Line and QualPro

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PS Technology (PST) is pleased to announce that Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) will implement CrewPro Short Line™, a cloud-hosted, subscription-based railroad crew management and Hours-of-Service (HOS) system, and QualPro™, a qualification and training management solution, across its U.S. freight railroads.

“We found the PST solution to be the most complete and functional system available for our needs,” said Tony Long, G&W senior vice president of operations support. “Most important to us is that these are real-time tools that can help streamline and improve the operation of our short line railroads.”

CrewPro Short Line automates much of the crew calling process while simultaneously tracking HOS and preventing inadvertent violations of FRA regulations. The system is a cloud-based single source for all ops worker information, scheduling and recordkeeping. Workers can check their status at any time with a mobile device, easing the workload on crew callers.

The QualPro qualification system is a collection of tools which dynamically tracks all employees’ qualifications and pushes that information to the CrewPro scheduling system ensuring only qualified employees are presented as options to select from. Additionally, the mobile enabled Field Training Exercise (FTX) tool allows testing, and recording keeping on-site for engineers and non-ops personnel.

G&W owns or leases 116 freight railroads with 7,300 employees serving 3,000 customers. G&W railroads are recognized leaders in safety and surpass the trucking and overall rail industries in biennial customer-satisfaction surveys conducted since 2007 by a leading research firm.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with such a well-respected leader in the short line arena,” says Seenu Chundru, PST president. “G&W immediately saw the benefits and implications of using a cloud-based, modern crew management system, and we are gratified they recognized the ease and nuances our solution brings to railroads. We are railroaders, designing for the rail industry and take great pride in that.”

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