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PsiKick and Thermaxx Partner on Smart Steam System Solution to Drive Energy Efficiency & Savings

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PsiKick, Inc., the company pioneering wireless, batteryless
Internet of Things (IoT) systems, today announced it has partnered with
Thermaxx, LLC to jointly deliver smart, IoT-based industrial steam
system monitoring and energy efficiency solutions. Thermaxx specializes
in designing and manufacturing custom removable insulation covers for
commercial and industrial insulation applications.

Uninsulated steam systems and steam trap failure leads to significant
energy waste, downtime, and potential safety hazards. Thermaxx will
integrate PsiKick’s batteryless sensor system into its Smart Jackets,
delivering an all-in-one solution for insulation, measurement and
verification, and real-time steam trap failure detection. The solution
provides instant energy savings by retaining what would normally be
waste heat, while also alerting facility operators to failed steam traps
that would otherwise purge steam energy until the next manual
inspection. PsiKick’s sensors stream data via an IoT gateway every 60
seconds to its cloud interface, where that data is analyzed to determine
trap-state and generate real-time alerts and notifications.

The combined solution also handles the measurement and verification
process to prove out energy savings so that facilities can receive
energy efficiency rebates and incentives. In total, the two companies
quote a less-than-one-year payback for the solution, with tens of
thousands of dollars or more in annual savings thereafter.

“Many facilities already depend on Thermaxx’s insulation jackets to save
energy and money; by switching to our batteryless sensor technology,
these customers can now realize even more savings with a truly
maintenance-free real-time monitoring solution,” said Brian Alessi of
PsiKick. “We’re pleased to be working with Thermaxx and look forward to
seeing this partnership grow.”

“Energy conservation is key to our customers when installing our Smart
Jacket insulation blankets, but they have also asked for more
information about the components our jackets are covering. To be able to
deliver that without adding the maintenance headache of battery
replacement is an ideal situation,” said Philip Johns, CEO of Thermaxx.
“The PsiKick STM system is entirely synergistic to our products and
becomes a great way to add value for our clients. We’ve already
installed the PsiKick STM into large sites in Manhattan and look forward
to continued success with the product.”

Dan Pugliese, Vice President of Engineering at Hines in New York,
emphasized that “the technology plays right into our corporate goals of
implementing telemetry driven maintenance where applicable. Now only are
we now providing thermal insulation to devices that we didn’t do before,
but also providing technology that alerts us to failures. We are looking
to implement this product nationally.”

Traditional thermal insulation can become damaged over time, so Thermaxx
provides removable insulation jacket to insulate steam system components
that are periodically inspected or repaired. The removable insulation
jackets help reduce energy waste, improve workplace safety, employee
comfort, and facility appearance.

PsiKick’s proprietary batteryless sensors are powered exclusively from
miniscule amounts of harvested energy. For example, two degrees Celsius
temperature differences or 100 Lux (less than that of most dimly lit
facilities) can generate all the power required for PsiKick’s devices to
measure, process, and wirelessly transmit data.

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About PsiKick, Inc.

PsiKick, Inc., is a venture-backed startup pioneering wireless,
batteryless IoT systems for industrial environments. Leveraging
groundbreaking technology developed at the University of Virginia and
the University of Michigan, PsiKick approaches self-powered systems from
multiple angles, combining energy harvesting nodes with overhauled
wireless communication and ultra-low power radios. These technologies
form the foundation for batteryless sensors and end-to-end solutions
designed to deliver critical insights from a wealth of new data streams.
The company is based in Santa Clara, CA, with design centers in
Charlottesville, VA, and Ann Arbor, MI. For more information, visit

About Thermaxx, LLC

Thermaxx, LLC was founded with a single purpose: to help clients save
energy with reusable insulation jackets. The company provides an energy
audit and recapture solution for commercial, district, and industrial
steam system components – together representing almost 10% of U.S.
energy consumption. Most projects provide a return on investment in
under two years. Thermaxx jackets for steam, hot water, acoustic, and
chilled applications are reducing utility bills in hospitals, college
campuses, government buildings, and commercial/industrial facilities
throughout North America. Thermaxx is based in West Haven, CT, where all
jackets are manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
System. For more information, visit