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Purdue University Global Partners with Securitas to Develop Four Security Certificate Programs and Employee Education Benefit

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Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., the knowledge leader in the
protective services industry, today announced an exclusive partnership
with Purdue University Global to offer four security certificate
programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of its security officers,
and significant financial benefits to assist officers in earning associate
and bachelor

Purdue Global, a public, accredited nonprofit online institution of
higher education, developed the 20-credit
certificate programs in partnership with Securitas for the following
areas of expertise: management and leadership, customer service,
security awareness and prevention, and security preparedness and
response. Using a customized selection of courses in its School of
Business and Information Technology and the Department of Public Safety
in its School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Purdue Global academic
leaders worked with Securitas senior management to customize the
20-credit certificates for security-specific application.

This initiative is called the Securitas Learning, Education and
Development (LEAD) Program. Securitas is providing its security officers
scholarships that will pay a minimum of 90 percent of tuition for these
certificate courses, which can then be applied toward select Purdue
Global degrees. The partnership, facilitated by Kaplan Higher Education
as part of its operational support role to Purdue Global, also
establishes an educational benefit to help officers earn associate’s or
bachelor’s degrees from Purdue Global. Securitas will provide up to
1,000 scholarships each year for eligible high-performing officers in
the U.S. selected through a competitive process.

“Securitas continues to be ‘The Leader in Protective Services,’ and this
benefit is yet another example of our commitment to our officers,
clients and the industry,” said Rod Musser, executive vice president of
human resources for Securitas Services North America. “This program is
specifically designed to enhance our officers’ security knowledge,
professionalism and leadership. Because our clients recognize the mutual
benefit of Securitas having highly trained security professionals, we
will create a greater competitive advantage while improving our ability
to recruit and retain the best security professionals in the industry.”

Musser added, “We are committed to investing in our employees, and our
due diligence indicated that Purdue Global was the preferred partner to
provide the tailored, rigorous curriculum we desire. With the
flexibility of an online education, the university has proven its
ability to deliver a superior student experience with measurable results
for working adults.”

“We worked closely with Securitas leaders to develop the course
selections that specifically address the capabilities they envision for
their workforce,” said Jeffrey Buck, PhD, dean of Purdue Global’s School
of Business and Information Technology. “Securitas understands the value
of continuous learning for its employees and the subsequent benefits for
its clients. Making this substantial investment will help Securitas to
maintain its position as the thought leader in the security industry. We
look forward to delivering a personalized, high-quality education for
each Securitas student while being sensitive to the demands of attending
school online as a working adult.”

About Securitas

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