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Purely CRM Works With Maint S.A. In Ecuador On Large Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Project For The Financial Services Sector

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Purely CRM has completed a project for Maint S.A., a leading Microsoft partner for system integrations in Ecuador. With the combined expertise and custom software of Purely CRM, together they were successful in migrating an on-premise Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement system to the cloud, in the Financial Services Sector.

Maint have a large client base locally in Ecuador and with that, a deep knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Because of their client’s amount of data needing to be migrated to the cloud data size, they looked to Purely CRM to advise and facilitate the custom IT and software needed to migrate said data according to the customer’s needs.

“Maint was told by foreign professionals that the migration would not be possible in the planned timeline due to the complexity and size of the data,” said Roxanna Cevallos, Maint Lead Consultant. “Working with Purely CRM put any project concerns we had at ease and they helped us through a difficult project.”

It was through the use of Purely CRM’s data migration framework, a custom software developed by Purely along with the custom code added by the development team at Maint that this project was made possible.

Purely CRM works with many clients conducting Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement cloud migration projects. Their proprietary data migration tool has now proved an integral component on many projects.

“It’s certainly not as simple as one would think to migrate a system let alone the data to the cloud and there are a number of pitfalls that can cost time and budget if unaware of these,” said Alan Ashton, Lead Solutions Architect for Purely CRM. “We helped Maint to understand these pitfalls. The data migration was a large issue. Maint used Purely CRM’s internal data migration package to migrate the data. This package essentially uses bulk data upload features native to the Dynamics 365 API and provides a framework to migrate data.”

Purely CRM developed an instant affinity with Maint as Dynamics 365 professionals. The relationship had great communication and excellent teams on both sides to ensure that the project was successful. The relationship is ongoing after the project has been completed and both companies are looking forward to the next project.

About Purely CRM

Purely CRM is a privately held company that is 100% focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 products with customers across the United States and Canada. As a team, they have been involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.0 Purely CRM has made the strategic decision to solely focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and brings industry experience in such areas as mining, manufacturing, banking, and many more.

About Maint S.A.

(MAINT SA) is a leader in systems integration and recognized in the regional market that provides global solutions in cutting-edge technology in computing and communications. Extensive experience in the computer market, allied to the main world-class providers and a highly trained team. Maint covers the widest spectrum of business-oriented technology solutions with the sole objective of adding value to our clients. Based on their values of respect, honesty and integrity, they continue in the incessant task of improving the level of satisfaction with their clients, many of whom have accompanied them from the beginning.