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Purolite Corporation’s Deployment of Zoho One Results in 271% Return on Investment

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announced today that its fast-growing enterprise
customer Purolite
has realized a 271 percent ROI following its deployment
of Zoho
, Zoho’s integrated suite of 40 business and productivity
applications. Based on data in a case study by Nucleus
, Purolite has seen immediate improvements in its business
productivity and significant savings in IT expenses as a result of
deploying Zoho One. It also enabled the company to introduce new resin
products to the global market and become more efficient in solving water
and process challenges.

US-based Purolite, with offices in 40 countries and more than 1,000
employees, is the world’s second largest manufacturer of ion exchange
resin and specialty chemical absorbents. Until recently, the company was
facing disparate legacy applications and systems that were not scalable
and could not support its audit and reporting needs. Additionally, some
of its systems were incompatible with modern integration capabilities
and most lacked a cohesive workflow process.

The company originally planned a self-build solution that would cost
$250,000 and would require significant IT support. Given the time and
expense constraints of that approach, Purolite decided to explore other
options. The company had been a Zoho CRM customer since 2013, and, after
careful consideration and examination of several solutions, it
ultimately selected Zoho One because of its comprehensive, integrated
platform, simple pricing model, and scalability.

Four months after deploying Zoho One, Purolite achieved an impressive
271 percent ROI through the modernization of the company’s analytics,
reporting, expense management, business processes, and sales
capabilities. The platform saved Purolite more than 800 administration
hours per year by eliminating manual reporting, and the company’s sales
team experienced an average of 5 to 10 percent increase in productivity.

Key benefits from deploying Zoho One include:

  • Cost savings: Purolite has saved $100,000 annually by eliminating
    inefficient legacy software and hardware.
  • Enhanced accounting and auditing: Purolite is able to upload data for
    analysis and produce reports more quickly and easily, with an
    automatic audit trail. Previously, two administrators spent 20 percent
    of their time producing weekly reports.
  • Avoided expenses: Purolite was able to circumvent the extra time and
    big expenses required to create its own IT solution.
  • Improved productivity: Purolite administrators were able to save more
    than 800 hours annually from improvements to workflow with automated
    reporting systems.

“Our users noticed an immediate difference with Zoho CRM compared with
past CRM programs. The Zoho CRM platform and integrations are
user-friendly and make adoption much less painful,” said Amanda Dolan,
CRM Integration Manager of Purolite Corporation. “Zoho created a
company-wide internet that allows for sharing of information and
collaboration, and with great results. Specifically, our users have
loved Cliq and Connect to enhance company integration and communicate
effectively across all of our offices. Zoho was deemed a success for our

“Over a three year period, Nucleus Research analyzed the costs of
software, personnel, professional services, and user training to
quantify Purolite’s total investment in Zoho One technology. As seen, it
had a positive deployment and continues to be thriving,” said Barbara
Peck, Principal Analyst of Nucleus Research.

The full case study, completed by Barbara Peck of Nucleas
, is located on the Zoho website here.

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