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Q-nomy Software Powering Israel’s Race to Total Population Vaccination

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Q-nomy Inc., a leading global provider of customer journey and customer experience optimization solutions, today announces that all COVID-19 vaccinations in Israel are being managed through its Q-Flow® platform, delivered locally by Callflow Software, Ltd.

The country’s leading hospitals and HMOs were tasked with the daunting challenge of making Israel the first country to reach a near total vaccination of the adult population. To support this mission, all providers turned to Q-nomy’s Q-Flow to manage the process, in light of the software platform’s ability to perform under the unprecedented volumes of customer traffic and communications expected.

During the first two months of the vaccination program, the HMOs administered close to 70 doses of vaccination per 100 people, with more than 25% of the population receiving their second dose. At its peak point, more than 230,000 people (around 2.4% of the entire population) went through the vaccination process in a single day. About half of the entire traffic of citizens being vaccinated is being handled by the Q-Flow Server at Clalit Health Services, the country’s largest HMO.

“Working closely with the headquarters of the MoH and all healthcare providers involved, I can testify to the immense challenge they were facing, in terms of logistics and engineering,” said Idan Cohen, General Manager of Callflow Software. “I am glad we could supply them a proven solution to handle the patient flow, so that at least this was one challenge they did not need to worry about.”

As Israel’s race to a complete vaccination of its population continues, Q-Flow remains the leading solution handling the massive daily traffic of people arriving at hundreds of vaccination centers around the country – while at the same time, continuing to manage patients scheduling and queuing to all other medical services provided by the county’s HMOs and major hospitals.

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