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QLess Partners with Credit Unions to Encourage Social Distancing with Digital Queue Management System

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As the financial services industry tackles the challenges of operating under COVID-19 safety recommendations, credit unions across the U.S., including Financial Center Credit Union and WFCU Credit Union, have recently selected the QLess customer interaction management (CIM) tool to virtually eliminate the need for lines. To serve the public safely, credit unions are recognizing that they must adopt digital tools like financial services appointment scheduling apps to manage in-person queues and offer video conference queues. Through a dedicated online portal, QLess enables virtual check-ins with real-time SMS updates about wait times. By supporting mobile or home waiting, credit unions can assist in maintaining physical distancing efforts and in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.

With over 15 million confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, countries are enacting stricter measures to prevent further infections. Social distancing and mask-wearing are now common practices. For the financial services industry, this creates immense challenges because of health and safety concerns.

“Credit unions and financial services organizations face unique issues when it comes to operating under modified COVID-19 processes,” says QLess CEO Kevin Grauman. “Our digital queue management system is used by hundreds of organizations across many industries, and is the answer to dealing with the logistics of physical distancing. QLess virtually eliminates lines, while enabling those in the financial services industry to continue to serve their clients.”

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