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Quandl Unveils E-Commerce Intelligence Dataset

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Nasdaq’s Quandl, a leading alternative data provider, today launched the E-Commerce Intelligence (ECI) dataset, which allows investors to track product-level e-commerce transactions on a near real-time basis. The exclusive dataset follows the day-to-day transactions of 800 brands and 500 companies across more than 350 e-retailers in North America and EMEA, capturing US$15 billion worth of product sales annually.

ECI data is available daily with a seven-day lag, offering a distinct speed advantage over consumer sales datasets currently available on the market. Investors can monitor early traction on new products, follow the entire lifecycle of a product, monitor same-store sales and measure products against their competitors.

An improvement over e-receipt, debit card and credit card datasets, ECI provides international coverage, is sourced at the e-commerce store level and is collected via direct feed. It also has minimal panel bias, which means the data collection is broad and varied enough to be representative of the general population. The dataset does not include personal data subject to GDPR or other privacy laws. ECI includes brand-level ticker mapping, including subsidiaries.

“Examining e-commerce data is one of the most direct ways to determine the success or failure of a consumer product,” said Tammer Kamer, CEO of Quandl. “Our team has taken painstaking steps in order to ensure that the common pitfalls of other alternative datasets focused on consumer purchases are not present in ECI. This is our latest proprietary, amalgamated and alpha-generating dataset focused on surfacing insights that were previously hidden to investors.”

For more details about Quandl’s E-Commerce Intelligence platform or to request a trial of the product, please visit here.

Earlier this month, Quandl announced the speaker list for the fourth annual Quandl Data Conference (QDC 2020) at Convene’s 46th St. location in New York City on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Registration details can be found here.

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