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Quanta System SpA on the Way to Introduce Its New ”UHPTDL” Lithotripsy Technology in H2 2020

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Quanta System SpA (El.En. Group – Mid Cap Star Segment of the Italian Stock Exchange – ELN.MI) announces today a very important milestone in developing a new laser technology, named UHPTDL, planned to be launched in the second half of 2020.

“The worldwide laser lithotripsy market has been very strong over the last 10 years,” notes Paolo Salvadeo, General Manager of El.En. “Quanta has achieved, until now, the 40% of the global market shares in laser lithotripsy, offering the widest variety of holmium based platforms, and aims to remain on the edge, expanding its product portfolio and market shares with the development and commercialization of new disruptive technologies”.

Filippo Fagnani, Quanta System Surgical Division Scientific Director adds: “A new technology based on Thulium doped fibers has been introduced in the lithotripsy field. Such solution is very interesting to avoid retropulsion and it has the peculiarity to operate at high frequency. However, the Thulium fiber laser is characterized by a limited maximum peak power, which decreases the pulse efficiency on hard stones. For this reason, we decided to overcome this peak power limitation, launching a very innovative research program, which now looks extremely promising”.

During the 2018 Q2, Quanta started a very challenging project: the development of a laser, faster and more powerful than fiber lasers, based on a new technology, still undisclosed, named UHPTDL.

Today Quanta reaches a milestone with a laser that overcomes the peak power limitation. The company is confident in improving the technical features as never seen before.

“Quanta continues the mission to create unique technology that offers both competitive advantage to doctors and a better experience to patients” declares Girolamo Lionetti, General Manager of Quanta System SpA, “and we are proud to be a trusted partner for all of them”.

Once technology is fully engineered, the new laser system will seek regulatory clearance worldwide, including the United Stated of America.

About Quanta

Quanta System is a 100% Italian company that has offered on the global market innovative laser systems for surgery, aesthetics and art conservation since 1985. In its headquarters in Varese (Samarate, Italy), the company employs >180 people and carries out the entire process of research, development and production of lasers used worldwide and distributed through a network of 110 international distributors. Quanta System is part of El.En. SpA Group, the Italian parent company of a high-tech industrial group listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana (the Italian stock exchange). Quanta System is the reference partner for healthcare facilities, institutions and authorities involved in scientific and research projects worldwide.

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