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QuantConnect Launches LEAN CLI to Streamline Cloud and Local Workflows

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QuantConnect, an open-source algorithmic trading platform, today announced the launch of their LEAN CLI service, a feature-complete tool that helps quants leverage the company’s LEAN Algorithmic Trading Engine for their algorithmic trading research.

With the launch of the LEAN CLI, QuantConnect eliminates all friction in design, debugging, and executing an algorithmic trading environment, allowing quants to focus on development. Quantitative traders can quickly and easily synchronize their projects on with their local drive, download a financial data store, and backtest on their own computers. By abstracting away multiple setup processes with just one set of commands, workflow that used to take hours of setup can now be completed in minutes and with minimal coding effort.

“At QuantConnect, our first, second, and third priority is to provide the most innovative tools and features for quant traders to make them more productive and enable them to go from idea to implementation as quickly and easily as possible,” QuantConnect Founder and CEO Jared Broad said. “Our new LEAN CLI lets users efficiently mix and match cloud and local workflows to best suit their computing and live trading needs. With the CLI, quants can now download their code and financial data from the cloud, run and debug their backtests, run their optimizations, and then upload their changes back into the cloud and start live trading in just a few minutes and with just a few lines of code.”

The LEAN CLI is fully cross-platform compatible and enables development and debugging across the most popular coding environments, including PyCharm, Rider, VS Code, among others. Using the CLI, quant traders can download QuantConnect peer-reviewed financial data directly into their preferred local development environment and run backtests and research using the same data and technical stack that they’re running on the cloud, allowing them to quickly and easily identify and fix any issues with their strategy.

The LEAN CLI is truly a game changer for quants looking to go from idea, to backtesting, to live trading in as short amount of time as possible and with the minimal amount of friction.

About QuantConnect

QuantConnect is pioneering open access to quantitative trading. Its open-source algorithmic trading engine, LEAN, alongside its state-of-the-art trading platform, levels the playing field by providing cutting-edge quantitative trading technology to its community of over 150,000 quants globally. Since its founding, QuantConnect’s community of quants from 160+ countries has designed more than six million algorithms. With Alpha Streams, the world’s first marketplace for alpha, QuantConnect connects its community to institutional clients in order to supply quants with recognition and revenue for their ideas. To learn more about QuantConnect, visit