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Quantzig Announces the Launch of Advanced Retail Data Analytics Solutions That Can Bolster the Future of Retail

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, announces the launch of advanced retail data analytics solutions for the retail industry.

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The proliferation of new technology and advanced CRM solutions has prompted leading retailers to leverage retail analytics to predict outcomes and identify future sales opportunities. While most retailers have achieved significant results by leveraging retail data analytics to improve business processes, the majority is yet to realize the true potential of big data analytics in retail. Our portfolio of advanced retail analytics solutions empowers businesses to analyze different scenarios that could help them optimize sales and drive business value.

Keeping up with the disruptions in the retail industry is crucial to gain a leading edge. Don’t you agree? Request a FREE brochure of our retail data analytics solutions to learn how we can help.

Quantzig’s comprehensive suite of retail data analytics solutions provide an edge by empowering retailers with:

• Solutions that focus on leveraging big data in retail to drive significant improvements

• Flexible white-box, sales analytics solutions that leverage predictive modeling

• Customized solutions to meet the specific needs of retailers

Our retail data analytics solutions include:

1: Sales and marketing analytics solutions

Our portfolio of advanced marketing and sales analytics solutions adopts a holistic approach by integrating data from various sources to identify factors that impact sales. Engaging with us provides you the access to advanced analytics platforms and business models that can help you drive profitability across segments. Schedule a FREE demo to learn more.

2: Supply chain operations management

Managing your retail supply chain operations could be challenging if you lack the necessary tools and skills to analyze supply chain data. Quantzig’s retail supply chain management solutions empower retailers to plan and execute management strategies and anticipate consumer demands across channels. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about our supply chain analytics solutions for retail.

3: Planning and merchandising analytics

Quantzig’s planning and merchandising analytics solutions give you the edge by offering incisive analytics insights and recommendations that can help you drive growth across the supply chain. Through our retail data analytics solutions, we aim to help businesses analyze data to develop effective strategies that drive growth. Want detailed insights? Gain limited-time complimentary access to our analytics platform to learn more about our offerings for the retail sector.

Quantzig’s retail data analytics solutions also include:

  • Web analytics
  • Supply chain operations analytics
  • Market basket analysis
  • Pricing analytics

With the growing competition, retailers are poised to face challenges that can hinder their development efforts. By leveraging our skills and big data analytics in retail, we offer a range of retail analytics solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients from this sector, Request a FREE proposal to learn more.

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