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Quantzig: Intelligent Automation Can Prove Resourceful for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector | Contact Us for Detailed Insights

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AI-backed intelligent automation solutions have gained immense popularity over the last few decades. Enterprises are now investing heavily in intelligent automation solutions since it promises a hugely transformative potential in the near future. It is also proven that this technology is poised to usher in the fourth industrial revolution by disrupting and creating new business models. Though it was restricted to manufacturing initially, it now promises enormous untapped potential in the healthcare and life sciences industry too. But to maximize the impact of automation and advanced analytics, business leaders must inculcate the ability to build a clearly defined strategy for automating their enterprises. Quantzig recently conducted a detailed analysis of use cases for intelligent automation in the healthcare and life sciences sector, which helped them understand its impact and ability to drive transformational change.

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Three Ways to Leverage Intelligent Automation in Healthcare and Life Sciences (Graphic: Business Wire)

Three Ways to Leverage Intelligent Automation in Healthcare and Life Sciences (Graphic: Business Wire)

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, recently conducted a c-suite survey that helped them gain comprehensive insights into the applications of intelligent automation in life sciences and healthcare industries. The insights obtained helped them understand that leveraging advanced capabilities like NLP and Intelligent Optical Character Recognition within a solution based on intelligent automation can help life sciences and healthcare companies save resources and time spent in performing redundant tasks like health claims processing, test result entries, and other admin operations. The survey also revealed that a mere 45 percent of companies were acquainted with these technologies while the rest were unaware of its wide-spread benefits.

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Rapid advances in technology pose a new challenge for healthcare and life sciences companies

From the beginning healthcare and life sciences industry has had a great partnership with advanced technologies to work around some of the common yet the biggest challenges of the modern healthcare delivery system. Optimizing the supply chain, managing massive volumes of patient-related data, enhancing patient experience, ensuring data security, managing system integration, communication, and data sharing are a few of them.

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While intelligent automation has the potential to create tremendous value for both healthcare and life sciences companies, such a transformation will require organizations to implement a focused digital strategy backed by technology adoption. It will also need investment and commitment to revisit and revamp processes, infrastructure, and systems. All the enablers required for a successful transformation will have to come into play for the industry to harness the true potential of intelligent automation, making it a challenging task for those unprepared.

Intelligent automation in healthcare can help address all healthcare challenges

While digital transformation has transformed industries globally, it is the exponential power of people and machines that is changing healthcare. Intelligent automation in healthcare is enabling organizations to offer seamless services through personalization. Notably, the use of these applications in the future will redefine the healthcare and life sciences landscape, bringing in several transformations.

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