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Quarium, a Dedicated QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service, Frees Business Owners From Their Desktop Computers

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Businesses who may be using or considering using Intuit’s QuickBooks products can use a hosting service such as Quarium™, a dedicated QuickBooks Cloud Hosting service, to access their data from anywhere or to share data among various authorized employees or workers.

As the No. 1 inventory management solutions provider for QuickBooks, Fishbowl® recommends Quarium for its QuickBooks customers.

“Quarium was started by Fishbowl because of its experience with QuickBooks users’ real struggles with accessing critical QuickBooks data outside of their office environment,” said Kim Tolboe, QuickBooks Hosting Development Manager at Quarium. “It is a well-established dedicated hosting service, ideal for many types of businesses who need and want to access their QuickBooks data from the cloud for remote and shared access.”

Quarium provides competitively priced cloud services and security for businesses who may have remote workers or who may be working from home. It also provides increased flexibility for accounting firms and tax experts in working with their clients. Quarium provides the unique ability for clients to allow their trusted advisor easy and secure access to their financial data.

Quarium is designed to provide access to QuickBooks data anywhere, freeing people from an office desktop computer. It provides 24/7 365-day-per-year support, strong encryption on a dedicated server with a 99.98% uptime record.

Quarium has several pricing options – Quarium Basic, Quarium +5, and Quarium Unlimited – to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes.

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About Quarium

Quarium™, is a dedicated QuickBooks Cloud Hosting service owned by Fishbowl, the No. 1 requested desktop manufacturing and warehouse management solution for QuickBooks. Quarium is independently operated and provides competitively priced, secure, and dedicated hosting services for QuickBooks users. Fishbowl is a QuickBooks Service Provider.