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Quest Software Announces New Toad for Oracle Subscription Offering

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Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, today announced the availability of Toad for Oracle 14.0, a tool for developers and database administrators that reduces cost and risks by ensuring the health and performance of Oracle Cloud Platform and on-premises databases. The newest release of Toad for Oracle, a solution within the newly unified Information Systems Management (ISM) business portfolio, allows individual users and small organizations to take advantage of a new Base Edition Subscription offering which provides a desktop subscription that features pushed auto-update, auto-renew and license management alerts. New security software development lifecycle (SSDLC) processes available within Toad for Oracle help subscribers heighten compliance requirements to support today’s software security standards.

With data breaches on the rise, from ransomware attacks to targeted phishing scams, it’s more critical than ever that DBAs and developers have the right solutions in place to ensure a secure infrastructure in a way that fits their needs. In addition to having valuable data leaked, which can cause reputational damage, organizations that fall victim to breaches can find themselves on the hook for regulatory fines costing millions of dollars. Addressing the need to easily secure data in a flexible manner, Toad for Oracle 14.0 allows developers and DBAs to receive new updates automatically so the latest releases with patches to security vulnerabilities are always in place. Delivering a new subscription model for Base Edition with SSDLC processes, users can minimize the risk of data breaches without compromise.

“As demand for more flexibility increases, this new subscription model aligns with today’s users’ purchasing needs as well as their desire for simplified upgrading processes, which we view are mission critical with the constant onslaught of breaches occurring,” said Chris DeBiase, chief operating officer at Quest Software. “For those individual users and smaller companies with limited budgets that have been getting by with Toad Freeware, they will now be able to enjoy all the capabilities of commercial Toad for Oracle with a 12 month subscription at an affordable price.”

Toad for Oracle 14.0 exemplifies the company’s commitment to supporting all types of users and organizations with managing and monitoring their data, while providing critical data protection. This latest update also reflects that Quest has a pulse on what customers want — subscription based software. To meet this demand, Gartner predicts that 75% of organizations selling direct to consumers will offer subscription services by 2023. Toad for Oracle’s Base Edition Subscription means new updates are pushed to users, making it easy to confirm that desktop tools meet regulatory requirements.

“DBAs and developers can feel stuck with their native tools because they seem more affordable on the surface and budgets are tight, but Toad for Oracle 14.0 provides a full-featured toolset that enables saving time and money long-term with a new subscription model that enables automatic receipt of latest updates and ability to fully leverage Quest supportive resources,” said Venkat Rajaji, senior director product management for Information Systems Management at Quest Software. “Toad empowers data professionals to automate processes to develop and manage Oracle databases with less time and effort. Now, with the Base Edition subscription, more individuals and smaller companies can benefit from the competitive edge the solution provides.”

Toad for Oracle 14.0 Base Edition Subscription includes:

  • Access to all Toad features in a new affordable 12 month subscription model
  • Auto-update, auto-renew and licensing technologies
  • Ability to leverage world-class product support, including Knowledge Base, how-to videos and more
  • Utilization of the secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) processes, to ensure compliance with current software security standards, specifically simplified for desktop tools

For more information on Toad for Oracle 14.0, visit the product page here.

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