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Questback CEO to Speak at ParadigmShift 2019

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Questback, a global technology leader in employee and customer experience management, today announced that its CEO Frank Møllerop will be speaking on October 15 at ParadigmShift 2019. His presentation will focus on how companies can harness feedback data through experience management to take advantage of the digital trends shaping today’s world.

“A company must be agile, flexible, and able to transform based on feedback from your most important asset – your employees,” said Møllerop. “Continuous listening and implementing change as a result of data and insight can shift a corporate culture dramatically. Increased productivity, creativity, and less attrition are all significant benefits from this type of approach.”

ParadigmShift, sponsored by ThoughtWorks, takes place October 13-15 in New Orleans. The conference features executives, thought leaders, and innovators exchanging new ideas about how emerging technology can enable business transformation and improve human interaction. Questback technology serves to improve the employee experience, which has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and company profitability.


Questback is the enterprise platform for Experience Management that helps organizations capture critical insights from their employees, customers, and the market. Using experience data and cutting-edge AI technology, Questback helps foster high-performing employees, convert leads, create high-value customers, build brands and increase profitability. Questback’s flexible cloud offering allows organizations to easily integrate real-time experience data and social listening into their existing software solutions, including systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. Founded in 2000, Questback’s worldwide offices offer a breadth of expertise to customers across the globe, including complex privacy, compliance security, and modern cloud-based architecture. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.