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Questback Employee Experience Management Takes Flight With New Major Global Airline Agreement

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Questback, a global leader in experience management, has entered into an exciting new partnership with a major global airline to deliver the company’s bi-annual engagement pulses to their 40,000 strong workforce, capture experience data from their onboarding and exit interviews process as well as undertake timely departmental deep dives.

Questback’s end-to-end solution will provide the airline with a bird’s eye view of what’s happening on the ground, helping them to identify ways to better understand and improve their overall employee experience. Furthermore, Questback’s technology offers rapid surveying capabilities and real-time results, making it quick and easy for companies to listen to their people and adjust course as required.

“Our flexible platform is easily scalable, making it the perfect solution to help a global airline gather employee insights from such a large and dispersed workforce,” said John Wilkinson, General Manager for the UK at Questback. “It is more important than ever for organizations to gather and interpret employee experience data allowing them to take meaningful actions that enhance and grow their business.”

“We are delighted to work with another international airline on harnessing the power of experience data,” said Peter Wilde, Head of Employee Experience for Questback UK. “Increasingly, our customers are looking beyond the annual engagement survey to move towards agile continuous listening programs that allow them to deliver a brilliant employee experience.”

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