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Questionmark Announces xAPI Support for Connectivity to Learning Record Stores

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Questionmark, global provider of assessment technologies and solutions,
today announced support for xAPI as a standard to connect with Learning
Record Stores.

Questionmark’s xAPI implementation enables customers to include
assessment experience data in the wider learning ecosystem. This feature
can be easily configured for any xAPI compliant system.

The Experience API (xAPI) is a data specification for eLearning
technology that provides a standard means for collecting data about
education and training experiences. This specification sets a standard
language protocol for systems to store and report on parts of the
learning user-journey typically lost in standard pass/fail or other
commonly used methods for storing data.

“We are pleased to widen our footprint in the total learning ecology by
releasing our xAPI functionality as a Learning Record Provider,” says
Chief Product Officer, Joseph Fish. “For many of our customers, the
inclusion of assessment results and other information to Learning Record
Stores enables richer consolidated reporting and real-time visibility
into metrics to sharpen the overall training, accreditation, and higher
education picture.”

Questionmark’s xAPI implementation is available now to all customers.

About Questionmark

Questionmark’s assessment technologies enable organizations to get
trustworthy results when measuring knowledge, skills, abilities and
attitudes for certification, workforce learning, regulatory compliance
and sales-force readiness. Customers worldwide rely Questionmark’s
award-winning platform for collaborative, multilingual item banking and
assessment authoring; delivery via mobile devices including smartphones
and tablets; secure, proctored exam delivery; and comprehensive
reporting and analytics.

Questionmark’s cloud-based assessment management solutions offer rapid
deployment, scalability for high-volume test delivery, available 24/7
support, and the peace-of-mind of secure, audited US and European-based
data centers. Questionmark’s flexible APIs and support of major industry
standards ensure interoperability with a variety of enterprise systems.

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