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QuoLab Technologies Launches Partner Program to Unite Organizations Against Cyber Threats

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QuoLab Technologies, provider of a data-centric security operations platform (SOP), today announced the launch of its QuoLab Partner Program (QPP). QuoLab’s QPP will arm partners with a common, unified workspace where analysts, researchers and IR specialists join together to curtail cyber-attacks. The network, already robust with strategic integrations such as Intel 471 and Binary Ninja, will deliver increased market exposure for partners and their customers.

Executing coordinated defense within and among organizations both large and small is inordinately complex as a result of compartmentalized internal team structures, external third parties, and ever-increasing regulatory requirements. QuoLab’s QPP offers partners a solution to these barriers, drawing together incident response, threat intelligence, and forensic and malware tools to support information sharing even within the most complex environments. Additionally, partners will develop shared sales targets where complementary products will offer customers maximum impact.

“We are excited to launch our QuoLab Partner Program and believe it will be a key component in helping us build the strong relationships necessary to broaden our reach around the world and increase collaboration and intelligence sharing,” said Fabien Dombard, QuoLab Partner and CTO. “Through the QPP we aim to facilitate the sharing of diverse strengths between parties, elevating capabilities and growing the information sharing of each member of the network so they are empowered to better address the barriers that had previously been hindering success.”

Partners will gain access to QuoLab’s advanced security operations platform which is vendor agnostic and naturally adaptable to many other solutions in the space. By connecting seamlessly with other tools, the platform enables collaboration between teams, where previously it was hard to find. Expert technical support is provided during the platform integration process in the form of human training as well as unique programming solutions. Additionally, out-of-the-box live data feeds and up-to-date intelligence allow partners and customers to start using the platform right away.

“QuoLab has an unmatched ability to adapt to unique team needs and integrate into established organizational infrastructures,” said Daniel Young, QuoLab Partner and CEO. “Organizations who seek for innovative ways to collaborate and better protect data, such as cyber analysis companies, systems integrators, healthcare, and financial institutions will benefit greatly from the QPP.”

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About QuoLab Technologies

QuoLab Technologies empowers security professionals to analyze, investigate and respond to threats within an integrated ecosystem. The collaborative, data-centric platform merges deep analytics and intuitive workflows, enabling human operators to efficiently deliver on their mission. The company believes that increased focus on cooperation, combined with scalable, distributed data handling and processing techniques is the key to gaining a decisive advantage in the ever-evolving security operations space.