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Quotient’s Ahalogy Launches Rising Keywords – Future Trend-Predicting Feature that is the Next Frontier in Influencer Marketing

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Ahalogy, a Quotient brand (NYSE: QUOT), today announced the launch of Rising Keywords, a social media feature for its Muse™ platform that predicts future trends on social platforms. Consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and retail marketers now have exclusive access to this important and useful data from Quotient’s Ahalogy’s trusted influencers to help plan future social campaigns, and more accurately, position and promote their brands digitally.

“We launched Muse to help our clients uncover category-level insights and to help them grow their brands,” said Bob Gilbreath, Quotient’s Vice President of Social Platforms and General Manager of Ahalogy. “We’re now taking these insights a step further to identify topics that will trend in the future, which is game-changing for brands competing for relevancy and engagement with digital audiences.”

This new feature within Muse pulls category trends and influencer data powered by Ahalogy’s network of premium content creators. Top keywords on social media platforms are most often associated with trends that dramatically increase over specific timeframes. Ahalogy’s Muse top keyword algorithm is now enhanced to provide more specific and unique keywords that are related to future trends.

Muse taps into influencer performance data gathered from original content and across billions of subsequent social media posts to uncover and measure trends. This makes it easy for marketers to keep a pulse on their category and predict when certain topics are most popular.

Rising Keywords trend examples:

  • Keto + Protein Shakes: Keto has been mentioned 110% more with protein shakes over the last year so protein companies looking to drive digital engagement should be creating campaigns pushing out keto protein recipes through influencers.
  • Flour + Quiche: Flour brands should consider providing quiche recipes, as quiche when mentioned with bread, has risen 489% this year compared to last year.
  • Zucchini + Dessert: Over the past year, Zucchini mentions with desert increased 102% so there’s an opportunity for desert brands, with recipes made with Zucchini, to engage consumers digitally.

To develop its Muse platform, Ahalogy spent years working with marketers on how best to use data to optimize social media campaigns. Ahalogy found that while most marketers use “social listening” software to monitor, Ahalogy created Muse for long-term digital social campaign planning. Rising Keywords is the newest feature of Muse providing more specific and timely data in the form of trends for CPGs and retail digital marketers.

Access to Ahalogy’s Muse is offered at no charge to Ahalogy’s clients and their partners. To request access, please visit To learn more about Ahalogy’s data-driven influencer marketing solutions, visit

Ahalogy, a Quotient brand, is a market leader in trend-driven influencer content and social media marketing. Ahalogy delivers proven ROI through category trend data, premium influencer content and verifiable audience targeting. Additionally, Quotient is partnered with 700+ CPGs and 2,000+ brands.

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