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r4 Technologies Launches XEMTM, the Next Generation Cross-Enterprise Management Engine That Delivers Better Business Outcomes

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r4 Technologies Inc., the leading provider of cross-enterprise AI
software, today announced the launch of XEM, its cloud-based AI product
that delivers breakthrough business outcomes. Working across industries
including CPG, retail, financial services, talent management and others,
XEM enables enterprises to identify and unlock opportunities hidden
between organizational silos to realize sustainable P&L improvements
with greater speed and agility.

XEM brings internal and external data together in its industry-leading
AI Market and Business Model, enabling C-Suite leaders to run their
business holistically and drive automated actions cross-enterprise while
leveraging existing systems.

“What makes r4 XEM so revolutionary for companies is its ability to
quickly extract growth and profit hidden between functional silos,
without changing legacy systems. These new capabilities enable C-Suite
teams to rapidly leverage AI to make better decisions and take faster
actions. XEM is the first fully productized cross-enterprise AI engine
designed for business users,” said r4 CEO Paul Breitenbach.

XEM is the third generation of r4’s transformational technology,
building on nearly a decade of work with global leaders across multiple
industries. It will be generally available on June 24, 2019.

About r4

Founded in 2013, r4 Technologies is the leader in applying AI to
cross-enterprise management, delivering better business outcomes as a
service. r4 was created by founders of Priceline, leveraging decades of
expertise in extracting profit from data.

In 2019, r4 was named
a Gartner Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies. The company is based in
Ridgefield, CT, with operations in San Francisco, Austin, Washington,
DC, Dublin, London, Munich, Delhi, and Pune. For more information,
please visit