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Rachio Adds to Lineup of Top-Rated Smart Watering Solutions With Non-Toxic Lawn Care Plan, Rachio Thrive

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Leading smart lawn care and sustainable watering company, Rachio is moving further into the lawn care space with the release of Rachio Thrive, a new direct-to-consumer lawn care plan. The first Rachio Thrive product, Lawn Champion, is designed to replace traditional fertilizers that are often synthetic and harmful with kid-and-pet-safe, complete lawn nutrition. The Thrive kit provides natural lawn care treatment and a customized application schedule for each customer’s lawn needs.

As an alternative to the traditional pesticides and toxic chemicals currently being used on lawns, Lawn Champion uses a system of microalgae and nutrients to bring a healthy balance back to the soil, providing better growth and sustained health over the long-term. Once applied, this treatment can restore the natural chemistry of the soil. Lawn Champion works at the root level to strengthen grass and plants and protect against drought, requiring less intervention down the line.

Rachio Thrive is most effective when combined with Rachio’s smart sprinkler controller which adjusts to the local weather, seasons, and customer goals for more efficient watering. Rachio’s Yard Analyzer Tool provides consumers with a data-driven take on lawn care and helps determine the right amount of all-natural nutrients for each lawn. The Thrive tab in the Rachio app will provide users a suggested application cycle.

A one-size-fits-all approach to yard care produces unnecessary waste. Rachio instead creates tailored nutrition plans for each customer and recommends the appropriate amount of Lawn Champion for the yard size and climate, ensuring there’s no waste or pollution.

“All of the products in the Rachio ecosystem work together seamlessly to provide greater control and convenience, healthy and beautiful grass and plants, and more efficient use of water,” said Rachio Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Klein. “Rachio Thrive speaks to our mission of making sustainable water use effortless and rewarding for homeowners by bringing together a technology-powered sprinkler controller with customized, drought-resistant grass care products into a single ecosystem.”

Rachio Thrive pricing varies depending on lawn needs, and is available for purchase beginning today on

About Rachio

Rachio is working at the intersection of residential water and technology to make sustainable water use effortless and personally rewarding. Founded in Denver in 2013, Rachio invented the first-ever smart sprinkler controller and remote watering app. Now on its third-generation technology, Rachio helps deliver the right amount of water to your yard, automatically, and has saved homeowners billions of gallons of water. Rachio’s ecosystem of natural and sustainable yard care products create beautiful, thriving yards that are safe for kids, pets, and the environment. By continuing to research and evolve the right products for every yard, Rachio helps customers effortlessly bring their yards to life.