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Radix Wins 2019 CMMI® Institute Capability Challenge

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Engineering and software development firm Radix received top honors in
the 2019
CMMI® Institute Capability Challenge
in ceremonies held during the
CMMI Capability Counts Conference this week in Reston, VA, USA.

CMMI’s capability-building model, tools, appraisal and benchmarking
systems have been core to the Radix business since its early days,
according to Caroline Rivera, Coordinator of Process Improvements. She
said that achieving CMMI Maturity Level 5 for a second time in 2018,
coupled with agile and other methods, helped Radix reduce requirements
analysis efforts by 38% and drop testing efforts by more than 80%,
yielding productivity and financial benefits.

“Our work and focus through the CMMI maturity approach have propelled
measurable improvement across the organization,” said Rivera. “Being
recognized through this international challenge validates the effort of
our leaders and employees worldwide and has been fundamental for Radix
in the U.S. market, because it helped to convince customers of our
commitment to product quality and project performance.”

Radix was first appraised in CMMI for Development as Level 3 in 2012 and
was appraised in CMMI for Development as Level 5 in 2015. In 2018, the
organization was reappraised in CMMI for Development at Level 5. A
Maturity Level 5 means that an organization is optimized and focused on
continuous improvement and is built to pivot and respond to opportunity
and change. The organization’s stability provides a platform for agility
and innovation.

In addition to recognition at CMMI’s annual conference, the Capability
Challenge program includes communications activities, such as an on-site
video shoot at Radix’s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, headquarters, executive
interviews, and other case study elements so Radix can showcase best
practice commitments to other organizations.

“Radix stands out among an impressive list of organizations across the
globe that use CMMI to elevate the performance of agile processes and
behavioral-driven development. As their results attest, the CMMI best
practices lets them continually challenge their operations, drive
quantifiable business performance, and create a platform for continuous
improvement,” said Kirk Botula, CEO of CMMI Institute. “I congratulate
Caroline and her team for earning the well-deserved title of 2019
Capability Challenge winner.”

Becky Fitzgerald, 2019 Capability Challenge moderator and Principal and
Co-Founder at Two Harbors Consulting, LLC, said the 2019 Capability
Challenge competition was the strongest on record.

“Building organizational performance and capability, and conveying the
business results these efforts yield in a persuasive case is what the
Challenge celebrates. Radix is to be congratulated for its impressive
body of work,” Fitzgerald said. “I look forward to seeing the field for
the Capability Challenge continue to diversify, and for organizations
that are even earlier in their CMMI capabilities-building to participate
in this challenge.”

Radix’s achievement followed three rounds of judging, including:

  • An initial application for the Capability Challenge
  • A public judging period for recorded presentations hosted on the CMMI
  • A live round at the conference, including videos, a live presentation
    on their Capability Challenge merits, follow-up questions, and a live
    audience vote.

The CMMI Institute later this year will again invite organizations
driving improved business performance and results by capability building
to compete in the 2020 CMMI Institute Capability Challenge. Those
interested in participating can send an email to
Learn more about the 2019 CMMI Capability Counts Conference at

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