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RAONTECH and Xvisio Technology Jointly Announce AR Platform for Dizzy-Free AR Glasses

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RAONTECH, a leading microdisplay company for AR, and Xvisio Technology, a proven VSLAM/6DOF tracking solution provider for AR products, jointly announce the industry’s first AR platform with near zero-MTPL (Motion to Photon Latency), solving user dizziness problems for consumer AR glasses.

Humans are highly sensitive to display latency of augmented or virtual objects in optical see-through AR glasses. MTPL – over 100 msec is highly undesirable as it would cause dizziness for AR users and result in slow consumer adoption for mobile AR glasses. This long delay issue is a common challenge in today’s AR glasses, and negatively impacts AR user experiences.

RAONTECH and Xvisio, through partnership with their joint customer, were able to reduce this long MTPL dramatically by combining RAONTECH’s innovative microdisplay panel/controller solution and Xvisio’s low latency 6DOF VSLAM solution, resulting in a much-improved user AR experiences.

Furthermore, this ultra-fast image rendering AR platform mitigates color break-up, a key hurdle for color sequential liquid crystal based reflective display such as LCoS microdisplays, which is widely adopted today by those making lightweight AR glasses for its superior brightness, reliability, and better match with thinner waveguide-based AR optic over OLED. This AR platform would bring cost effective consumer AR glasses to market much sooner than anticipated.

“Xvisio has been focusing on providing comprehensive, customizable VSLAM solutions that deliver low latency 6DOF for AR,VR and MR,” said John Lin, CEO of Xvisio, “By collaborating closely with RAONTECH, our two teams were able to create this dizzy-free AR platform and are now ready to make it available to mobile AR glass manufacturers.”

“Six months ago, John and I were dreaming of this near zero-MTPL solution and now are happy to announce it together,” said Brian Kim, CEO of RAONTECH. “RAONTECH is not a just display component company but a solution company who has been delivering innovative technologies to the AR market. Along with our proprietary electronic-lens-correction technology, this near zero-MTPL technology equipped in our LCoS controller SoC and panels, will accelerate the AR market to enable cost effective consumer tethered AR glasses.”

RAONTECH is leading the AR market with its 1920x1080p high resolution microdisplay panels while competitors lag behind with 1280x720p resolution. Its low power panels, 0.37” RDP370F,0.55″ RDP551F, and optic-aware controllers are being adopted by many thin waveguide optic module companies and AR devices. With its competitive display, semiconductor, and system technologies, RAONTECH is expanding zero-MTPL technology to its upcoming micro-OLED and micro-LED products.


RAONTECH is a manufacturer of high performance microdisplay solutions including high resolution panels and patented controller ICs. With 20 years of semiconductor business in mobile industry, delivering 150 million SoCs to tier one mobile phone manufacturers, RAONTECH is expanding its existence in microdisplay market to include AR/VR/MR smart glasses, HMD, HUD and optical communication. For more information, please visit

About Xvisio Technology

Xvisio Technology is the market leader in providing low latency, customizable 6DOF tracking solution for AR/VR glass and robotics. Since its inception in 2016, it has won numerous industry awards, including CES 2019 Innovation Award, Silicon Valley Disruptive Innovation Award. It has also established itself as a proven AR/VR glasses solution provider and helped many AR/VR glass manufacturers to bring high quality products to market quicker. For additional information, please visit

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