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RapidAI Introduces Technology Partner Program to Bring RapidAI Technology to More Hospital Environments

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RapidAI, the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke, today announced the launch of the RapidAI Technology Partner Program, an ecosystem of technologies that complement or integrate with the Rapid platform. In tandem, the company also released a new RapidAI API (Application Programming Interface) to enable technology partners to integrate Rapid results into their products and services.

As part of the mission to deliver the benefits of its products to more patients globally and meet each customer’s unique requirements, RapidAI now partners with companies to bring RapidAI technology to more hospital environments through the RapidAI Technology Partner Program. The program is designed to ensure product compatibility and provide a path for healthcare solution providers to integrate and deliver advanced Rapid results through their products.

The RapidAI Technology Partner Program broadens the availability of RapidAI technology in more settings, including Mobile Stroke Units (MSUs) and the Angio Suite. It also expands access to Rapid results through more healthcare communication platforms, and increases the options for deployment and implementation of the Rapid platform—on premise or in the cloud.

Today, RapidAI is also launching the RapidAI API, which is designed to integrate Rapid notifications and results into a portfolio of workflow and medical communication applications used by healthcare providers to coordinate stroke care for optimal patient outcomes.

The RapidAI Technology Partner Program members include Allm, Ambra Health, Halo Communications, Mobile Heartbeat, Pulsara, Samsung Neurologica, Siemens Healthineers, Spok, and TigerConnect.

“It is great to see so many leaders in medical technology, workflow, and communications commit to bringing RapidAI technology to more hospital environments and help stroke teams achieve better patient outcomes,” said Don Listwin, CEO of RapidAI. “Every hospital is unique, and in a commitment to delivering Rapid their way, this is yet another path to provide more customer choice.”

About RapidAI

RapidAI is the worldwide leader in advanced imaging for stroke. Installed in over 1,500 hospitals in more than 50 countries, the Rapid imaging platform, powered by artificial intelligence, includes Rapid CTP, Rapid MRI, Rapid CTA, Rapid ICH, and Rapid ASPECTS. RapidAI empowers clinicians to make faster, more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions for stroke patients using clinically proven, data-driven technology. With our validated, trusted platform, developed by stroke experts, clinicians worldwide are improving patient care and outcomes every day. The Rapid platform has been shown to aid in patient selection in both early and late-window clinical stroke trials. In addition to achieving the best clinical outcomes and largest treatment effects ever obtained, the results of these trials led to new American Heart Association and American Stroke Association treatment guidelines and have dramatically altered the management of acute stroke around the world. For more information, visit