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Raspberry Pi 4: IKOULA Launches the First IPv4 and IPv6 Micro Server

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IKOULA – leader in dedicated servers, outsourcing and Cloud Computing – innovates by launching the first IPv6 & IPv4 micro server. By combining the Raspberry Pi 4 technology with IKOULA professional infrastructure and 24/7 support, the French hoster introduce a versatile dedicated server for less than €10 / month.

When we created IKOULA in 1998, we were ahead of our time by anticipating the explosion of Web. Even today, it is important for us to anticipate the needs of our customers, by offering them innovative products,” explains Jules-Henri GAVETTI, CEO & co-founder of IKOULA. “By providing these two types of IP, we anticipate the shortage of IPv4, while allowing users to address all of their current services without any restriction.”

Often wrongly perceived as a pure home server, the Raspberry Pi 4 hides its true nature. It can be a great tool for a professional usage when it is used in “Remote” mode, in a datacenter. By choosing to host their Raspberry remotely, users can benefit from the security system of a datacenter, a support team available at all times, but above all they can benefit from a high availability, a professional electrical network and an asynchronous 1Gbps bandwidth. In other words, this product is the perfect mix to host a website, develop some applications, back up all kind of data, or even create a VPN, or a set of Docker servers.

The lower power consumption is another advantage of this kind of micro server, compared to a conventional dedicated server. Opting for this product will truly reduce the ecological impact of your activities.

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Pioneer of the French Cloud since 1998, IKOULA owns its own Datacenters in France (Reims and Laon), as well as two subsidiaries in Spain and the Netherlands. Because Human Being is part of its DNA, IKOULA maintains a close relationship with its customers, and puts at their disposal reactive teams of experts, available 24/7, able to advise them and accompany them in their activities. IKOULA’s teams are multilingual, in order to meet the internationalization challenges of all its customers, spread over more than 60 countries on 4 continents.