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Rave Mobile Safety Announces 10th Consecutive Year of Record Growth

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Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), the trusted provider of solutions that empower community safety, today announced its tenth consecutive year of record growth. Thanks to increased demand for Rave’s communications platform, as well as statewide adoptions of Rave’s solutions for school and public safety, new software bookings in 2019 grew by more than 50%. Most importantly, Rave’s software was used to help in 32% more emergency responses over the previous year, including nearly 30,000 activations of Rave Panic Button across the United States.

New Deployments of Rave’s Platform Create a Connected Safety Ecosystem

In an emergency, every second counts. Rave’s suite of solutions creates an integrated platform for first responders, emergency management, safety officials and 9-1-1 dispatchers alike to better collaborate and communicate during a crisis. Rave ensures that the right resources are deployed to the right place as quickly as possible to create a better outcome for all involved.

Working closely with clients, Rave’s unique capabilities for public safety were further enhanced with new features in 2019, including the ability to stream video from responders or citizens to incident command, the ability to manage and quickly distribute critical documents and procedures, improvements to the display and number of data elements made available to 9-1-1 call takers and further integrations to other modes of communication and on-site hardware systems.

In 2019, Rave added to its significant footprint of thousands of public safety agencies, as Rave’s mass notification solutions were deployed statewide by emergency management agencies in Arkansas and Delaware. Additional new customers added during the year include Virginia Beach, Va., Boulder, Colo., and the state of Louisiana. Adding to its market leading position in higher education, universities like the University of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, Temple University, Rutgers University, Loyola Marymount University and the University of Illinois at Chicago moved from legacy emergency notification systems to Rave’s integrated safety platform.

Rave’s platform for school safety has played an important role in extending public safety best practices into schools across the country. The integrated solution encompassing Rave Panic Button, Rave Eyewitness and Rave Alert addresses early recognition of potential threats through anonymous tips, enhanced collaboration and communication between school officials and responders during the response and ultimately assists in speeding the recovery process and minimizing negative outcomes.

In 2019, both Oklahoma and Louisiana announced statewide availability of Panic Button for every public school in their states, ensuring that students, faculty and staff are equally protected no matter what school district they belong to. Each school is uniquely connected to 9-1-1 and responder agencies in the event of any type of emergency. Across North America, nearly 10,000 schools are protected by Rave’s solutions and used the system over 30,000 times – for both everyday medical incidents to the more traumatic safety emergencies.

Rave’s platform has also made people safer at work, giving companies and healthcare organizations alike a way to ensure the safety of remote employees and traveling workers, report and track potential threats and ensure swift, accurate responses from security and public safety in the event an incident on or off premise does occur. In the last five months, six Fortune 500 companies have adopted Rave’s platform, in addition to four Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. Rave has also partnered with one of the top 10 largest healthcare systems in the country, as well as six of the largest hospital systems in the state of Ohio.

“We see an increased recognition, amongst those entrusted with the safety of others, of the value of a more holistic solution that really connects and enhances communication between all those involved in a response, rather than just point notification or incident management systems,” said Rave Chief Executive Officer Todd Piett. “As the conversation around connectedness and technological advances takes off in other sectors, we’re proud to be one of the voices bringing that conversation to public safety, and we’re looking forward to another year of bringing the latest advancements to market to ensure the best possible outcomes for every citizen.”

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Rave Mobile Safety provides innovative emergency and public safety technology to help save lives. The Rave platform integrates data and communication tools to help those in charge of keeping others safe prepare better, respond faster and communicate more effectively in emergency situations. Thousands of agencies and institutions across law enforcement, 9-1-1, state and local emergency management agencies, corporations, healthcare organizations, K–12 districts, colleges and universities depend on Rave’s award-winning software solutions. Founded in 2004, Rave is headquartered in Framingham, Mass. and backed by leading growth equity firm TCV, which manages over $15B. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter.