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Razberi Technologies Partners with Cook Security Group as They Unveil New Piko VMS Running on Razberi Purpose Built Servers

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Cook Security Group (CSG) successfully unveiled its new privately
branded video surveillance solution, Piko
, during their 2019 Technology & Innovation Summit.

Cook named Razberi Technologies as their hardware partner to provide the
intelligent appliance and health monitoring component to the new VMS

“While we still have strong relationships with our traditional video
partners, we wanted to provide an open cloud-enabled platform to deliver
seamless integrations of multiple technologies. This is beyond just
video, as we have already integrated with dozens of apps such as
analytics, alarm, access control, retail, HR, IoT…the list goes on.
All designed to bring our customers efficiencies and give them the
technology they’ve been waiting for,” states Brian Cook, CEO of Cook
Security Group.

“We are excited because Piko is Secure, Simple, and Open. Secure because
all traffic is encrypted including video and outbound only. Simple
because Piko is extremely user-friendly, needs no enterprise
requirements or complexity, and offers adaptive scaling. Open because
Piko offers endless APIs and ways to integrate. Those three together
create an industry changing solution for our Financial & Commercial
Customers,” adds CTO Levi Daily.

Piko also includes a wide variety of video analytics and integrations,
providing customized notifications, proactive machine learning, and 24/7
health monitoring. “Customers come to us with ideas or pain points and
we develop then implement. They drive our solutions and Piko makes it
easy,” Brian adds. Piko fully integrates with Cook’s secure mobile &
online interface, Cook Command Center, and includes 10GB’s of Cook’s
Case Management module offering seamless secure sharing with law
enforcement or other institutions.

Razberi chosen as Cook’s hardware partner

Cook chose Razberi Technologies as their hardware partner, loading Piko
on Razberi’s robust ServerSwitchIQ,
complete with an integrated server & managed PoE switch. “We chose
Razberi based on their solid reputation in the marketplace,” states
Daniel Smallwood, Cook’s VP of Technology. “They provide CameraDefense
built in to combat cyber threats, anti-virus, proactive machine
learning, and UL, CE, FCC, & RoHS Certifications. They are IP camera
agnostic and completely scalable in terms of storage, PoE ports, etc.
Piko and the ServerSwitchIQ provide everything our customers are asking
for and at roughly half the price of a traditional DVR,” Smallwood adds.

Razberi scales reach into financial institutions

“Razberi’s partnership with Cook is exciting,” said Joe Vitalone, CMO of
Razberi Technologies. “Razberi believes it should be easy for anyone to
deploy, manage, and cybersecure their enterprise video surveillance
system. Cook’s reputation in the financial industry will make it
possible for Razberi’s expertise in video surveillance and cybersecurity
to continue to provide
solutions to financial institutions
on a larger scale.”

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