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RDC Announces Launch of AI Review, the Industry’s First True Artificial Screening Solution

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Regulatory DataCorp, Inc. (“RDC”), the global leader in compliance screening, today announced the launch of AI Review, the industry’s first true artificial intelligence solution for compliance screening.

AI Review is the next evolution in RDC’s mission to leverage technology to ensure financial institutions are able to quickly, efficiently and accurately screen customers to prevent criminal infiltration in the global financial system. The new solution leverages RDC’s database of risk-relevant information—the largest of its kind—and is supplemented by customer data to allow for a “learning solution” that can process requests at much greater speeds and reduce false positives, resulting in greater accuracy in less time.

“Artificial Intelligence has become the buzz word of choice across the financial industry. And for good reason—the power of AI has the potential to revolutionize nearly every aspect of the way financial institutions operate—both for traditional and fintechs,” said Jeff Sidell, Chief Technology Officer for RDC. “However, to create a true AI solution, you need enormous amounts of data. AI Review is powered by RDC’s database of risk-relevant, analyzed data—the largest of its kind—and provides customers with quicker and more accurate results. This increased speed and accuracy is crucial to our customers’ compliance needs.”

The breadth of human-analyzed data powers AI Review’s predictive and learning capabilities. With an expected 90% increase in batch processing speed and up to a 90% reduction in false positives alerts compared to unreviewed inquiries, AI Review enables nearly real-time response with expert analyst-level effectiveness. Customers are also able to configure the solution to their organizations’ preferred risk tolerance and can execute additional adverse media screenings to manage reputational risks in addition to regulatory risks.

“Our global financial system is rapidly becoming more integrated and more complex, leading to greater pressure on financial institutions to screen and keep out bad actors,” said Tom Walsh, CEO of RDC. “New and powerful technologies, like AI, can help institutions analyze enormous amounts of data and assess and highlight the risks that are most relevant. AI Review will enable financial institutions to be responsive to their customers with the quickness they expect without compromising on the accuracy and thoroughness of screening processes.”

Traditional financial institutions, FinTechs and other regulated firms are recognizing the need to innovate and utilize technology to create solutions and processes that can respond to the unique challenges they face in their sector and their specific organizations. Because AI Review is able to continually learn and iterate by utilizing both industry-wide and firm-specific data, customers can now execute screening inquiries with the speed and accuracy demanded by customers and regulators alike.

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