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RDC Announces Opening of New Singapore Office

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RDC, the global leader in compliance screening, announced that it is opening an office in Singapore to serve and build the company’s presence in the APAC region.

RDC’s Singapore office will serve as the center of the company’s activities in the Singapore market and the broader APAC region, supporting RDC’s continued growth while also helping maximize the company’s ability to serve both new and existing clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, and other APAC countries. RDC is evaluating additional office locales in the region.

“RDC is thrilled to open new offices in Singapore, both for what it means for our company, and what it will mean for our customers,” said RDC CEO Tom Walsh. “Our Singapore office not only establishes our physical presence in Singapore, it expands our reach and enables us to better serve our banking, fintech, financial service and corporate customers in the region.”

The office opening coincides with the launch of the FinTech FinCrime Exchange (“FFE”) Asia, which RDC serves as a corporate partner. FFE brings together a global network of FinTechs to collaborate on best practices in financial crime risk management. Along with RDC’s leadership, Fintrail, a financial crime consultancy company that serves FinTech and RegTech markets, launched FFE Asia in Singapore on June 26th.

Both launches are a result of Singapore’s significant and growing FinTech market, as well as the region’s large presence of major banking and financial service providers. Singapore’s status as a center for both emerging and established financial institutions makes it an ideal setting for RDC expansion.

“We already have a significant presence in the APAC region serving some of our largest global customers as well as a cross section of local clients and working with our strategic partnership network,” said Rupert de Ruig, Managing Director EMEA & Asia at RDC. “Our new Singapore office will help us strengthen our relationship with existing clients while also building inroads into new markets that we’re excited to explore.”

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