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RDC Announces Three New Members of Leadership Team

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Regulatory DataCorp, Inc. (“RDC”), the global leader in compliance
screening, has expanded its leadership team in recent months, hiring
three seasoned leaders with a history of growing businesses at the
highest levels of their respective fields. Terese Fernandez has joined
the company as its Chief Marketing Officer, Fabrizio Ferronato as Chief
Financial Officer, and Jeff Sidell as Chief Technology Officer.

The three new hires are part of RDC’s commitment to grow and advance its
business by recruiting top talent and investing in the business’

“This is an exciting time for our company, both in terms of the market
opportunity ahead of us and the great people we’re bringing in to help
seize it,” said RDC CEO Tom Walsh. “Terese, Fabrizio and Jeff each bring
something unique and valuable to our team, and they will each play a
large role in our company’s growth and success.”

Terese Fernandez came to RDC by way of Wolters Kluwer Lien Solutions,
where she served as Chief Marketing Officer. Her extensive experience
with customer-focused thought leadership and contemporary digital
campaigns will help her lead RDC’s go-to-market activities.

“I jumped at the chance to join RDC and lead the company’s marketing
efforts,” said Fernandez. “The business opportunity, the
customer-centric mentality and the strong sense of purpose align with my
own style and expertise, and I’m excited about the opportunity we have
to make an even larger impact in our market.”

Fabrizio Ferronato joined RDC following two years as the Chief Financial
Officer at BridgeTower Media and numerous finance leadership roles at
Thomson Reuters. He will leverage his experience in finance, strategic
growth and international software in his new role at RDC.

“I’ve always had a passion for finance and its potential to create
opportunities for businesses and individuals,” said Ferronato. “I’m
thrilled to be at a company like RDC that’s dedicated to working with
financial institutions to ensure the global financial system is secure.”

With extensive experience in the technology startup world of Silicon
Valley, and more recently as Vice President of Data Science at the
Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Jeff Sidell brings significant
expertise in both artificial intelligence and compliance to the RDC team.

“RDC is the rare company that combines a world-class team with
top-of-market technology,” said Sidell. “This company’s data processing
and AI and ML capabilities already set it apart from the competition.
The leadership team will further strengthen our position.”

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