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ReadSpeaker Partners with Muzzy Lane Software to Deliver Immersive Remote Learning Experiences

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ReadSpeaker, the most trusted, independent digital voice partner for global businesses, today announced it is has partnered with Muzzy Lane Software, which delivers game-based learning solutions to students, to provide voice-enabled immersive remote learning experiences.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many schools to shift to remote or hybrid learning environments, the ability to provide an engaging experience for students of all ages has become critical—especially as students, teachers and parents alike continue to report suffering from Zoom fatigue. By partnering with ReadSpeaker, Muzzy Lane can leverage ReadSpeaker’s industry-leading text-to-speech capabilities to augment their existing simulation and roleplaying activities, improving both accessibility and immersion.

“As a leading provider of remote learning solutions, our focus is always on creating the best possible learning experience for students,” said David McCool, president and CEO of Muzzy Lane. “This partnership with ReadSpeaker enables us to bring our solutions to the next level, as well as improve accessibility—important enhancements as we work to make experiences more lifelike in the age of remote learning.”

“Voice-enabled solutions are a key part of remote learning success,” said Kelly McGrath, Chief Academic & Product Development Officer, McGraw Hill. “As a longstanding customer and partner of ReadSpeaker and Muzzy Lane, we are thrilled to see these two companies team up to deliver fully accessible, immersive experiences in a time when they are critically needed.”

“By coupling ReadSpeaker’s text-to-speech capabilities with Muzzy Lane’s simulation solutions, students across the country will have access to top-of-the-line remote educational experiences at a time when they are needed most,” said Matt Muldoon, president, North America of ReadSpeaker. “ReadSpeaker’s mission has always been to improve the accessibility of digital solutions, and we are proud to be partnering with an organization that will help us achieve this goal.”

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About ReadSpeaker:

ReadSpeaker is the most trusted, independent digital voice partner for global brands. With more than 20 years of industry experience, ReadSpeaker offers brands sophisticated text-to-speech solutions and expert hands-on assistance to create the most engaging bespoke voice interfaces. ReadSpeaker offers both SaaS and licensed solutions to support varying channels and devices, and consistently maintains brand trust through its commitment to data privacy. To date, the company – which provides more than 30 languages and 90 voices – has created more than 10,000 digital voice interfaces for brands around the world. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Muzzy Lane

Muzzy Lane delivers game-based learning solutions designed to help students practice skills and improve performance in real world situations. The Muzzy Lane Author platform provides easy-to-use authoring tools that allow subject matter experts to create activities for their online courses. Activities created with Author are mobile first, meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility requirements, and integrate into all popular Learning Management Systems.