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RealTalk for Business Growth Launches to Help Women Entrepreneurs Thrive

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RealTalk for Business Growth™, a new program providing women entrepreneurs access to pivotal business resources, launched today. Serial entrepreneur, speaker, coach and advocate for women entrepreneurs, Maureen Borzacchiello, conceived the program to bring together growth-minded women entrepreneurs, providing them with educational strategies and plans to help grow and scale their businesses and themselves.

RealTalk for Business Growth™ is uniquely designed to support growth-minded businesses who have success but may be struggling to accelerate it to the next level as they stagnate within the $250K-$5million revenue range. Underscoring this need, the 2019 American Express State of Women-Owned Businesses Report reveals over the last five years the number of women-owned businesses has grown by 21% compared to 9% growth of overall businesses during the same period, yet only 12% exceed $100K in revenue and 1.7% ever achieve $1M in annual revenue.

“There is an abundance of information available online, which can be overwhelming, so we’ve made it more efficient for women by pulling together what they need to take their businesses and lives to the next level,” said Maureen Borzacchiello, CEO of Maureen Borzacchiello, Inc. “Being authentic is key to the RealTalk journey. I personally had to overcome Imposter Syndrome and shake off the stigmas associated with asking for help. Doing so was incredibly empowering; it changed the game for my business and in-fact contributed to achieving our first million in revenue. I started this program so more women can experience this forward motion and lift others up along their way.”

Introducing RealTalk for Business Growth™

Starting today, enrollment is open for the RealTalk for Business Growth™ course of five in-depth modules geared towards taking businesses to the next level. The topics will center around what women business owners need to know now, especially with the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19. Industry experts will participate in sessions and live Q&As throughout. By the end of this program, women entrepreneurs will experience progress by completing these five modules with lessons covering:

  1. Business Development (Sales and Marketing) lessons including: Creating or Enhancing the Ideal Customer Avatar, Analyzing Sales and Marketing Data and Creating Dashboards to Monitor and Measure, Developing a Social Media Strategy and Implementation Plan, Exploring and Developing a Covid Pivot or Growth Opportunity
  2. Personal Growth and Mindset lessons including: Leveraging your Sphere of Influence, How Grit, Vulnerability and Mindset Impact Decision Making in Business and in Life, Navigating Imposter Syndrome, Creating a Personal Development Plan
  3. Fundamentals (Vision, Mission, Purpose) lessons including: Personal Discovery with Personality and Leadership Assessment, Revisiting Company Vision, Mission and Purpose statements for Business, Developing Company and Leadership Goals
  4. Finance and Operations lessons including: Understanding Your Numbers and Developing Key Metrics, How to Streamline Systems and Processes, Developing your Pitch for Financing and Investors, Creating a Clear Process for Recruiting and Training
  5. Leadership lessons including: Transitioning from Founder to CEO, Self-Awareness and Executive Decision-Making Skills, Developing Your Personal Brand, Creating Your Leadership Development Plan, Succession Planning and Exit Strategy

Taking Women Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

Maureen Borzacchiello, Inc. is looking to shift the data, and see more women move into the seven figure + category with increased profitability at every level. The platform was created to inspire progress in the lives of women and make a difference for female entrepreneurs by acknowledging the trials and celebrating the triumphs while providing the strategies and execution tools to impact growth. Those that join the community have access to:

  • The RealTalk Podcast: RealTalk & discussions that cover the topics women entrepreneurs need to know to thrive, including guests and experts to educate and inspire.
  • RealTalk for Business Growth™ courses: Curriculum designed to develop and guide women business leaders forward.
  • Community: Connection to and discussion boards consisting of other entrepreneurs on the same path.
  • Coaching and consulting: One-on-one sessions and group coaching sessions with experts.
  • Events: Live and digital gatherings featuring notable women business owners and thought leaders.

Working with Maureen allows me to step back and see what can be, not just how things are now,” said Donna Sweeney, Founder and President of Donna Sweeney Energy Therapy. “Maureen’s real-talking, authentic approach enabled me to overcome barriers in the way of my business’s growth. She has helped me to focus, get strategic and be more visionary, while at the same time, encouraged me to be fearless in tackling the realities of how to improve my business and profitability.

Enrollment for RealTalk for Business Growth™ is open October 26-31, 2020. Click the link to register:

A free, live Masterclass took place on Sunday, October 25 at 8 PM EST, which provided insights and tools highlighting some of the key topics from the RealTalk for Business Growth™ course, focusing on revenue generation, marketing and cash flow. Link to watch the webinar replay here:

About Maureen Borzacchiello, Inc.:

Since 2001, Maureen Borzacchiello has created multi-million-dollar businesses, mentored and coached women and spoken at events around the world. Her newest endeavor is her soul mission: to make a difference in the lives of women by becoming a part of theirs. Creating a community which acknowledges the trials and celebrates the triumphs, while providing relevant content with actionable strategies and execution tools to facilitate progress in their business and most importantly, within themselves. She is an advocate for women entrepreneurs – including roles on Board of Directors for organizations supporting economic independence and entrepreneurship, as well as a consultant to large corporations regarding initiatives for small business. Learn more at,, and