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RealtyFolio Announces Partnership With Onyx Funding

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Realtyfolio, the real estate investment platform, has partnered with Onyx Funding to offer a wider selection of real estate backed, short-term debt investments that return 8-12% annually, in monthly payments. Maintaining RealtyFolio standards, borrowers who can receive funding from the private retail platform will be professional-tier with a minimum of 10 deals in the past 2 years and an exceptional long-term track-record. Working with such high-level borrowers should mitigate the risk to RealtyFolio’s clients significantly and offer a much-needed degree of stability in today’s market, while offering high returns.

A spokesperson for RealtyFolio wrote, “We are very excited for this partnership. There has been high demand from our clients to expand our debt offerings since many clients are looking for stability in this stage of the cycle, and this will allow us to offer clients an even wider selection of deals.”

Already a leading firm in the online real estate space, RealtyFolio is known for its diversity, offering clients access to a multitude of investment options across various asset classes, all in one platform. Clients can choose between investing in individual equity or debt deals, or investing in an automatically diversified portfolio suited to their specific needs and financial goals.

With the global economy in a state of uncertainty and the volatile stock market at the tail end of a decade long bull run, RealtyFolio is a great option for investors looking for a safe alternative investment with high returns. With low minimums of $20,000 and average returns of 15% annually, it’s perfect for investors who are looking for a passive income, or experienced real estate investors who wish to diversify their portfolio more easily.