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Redis Enterprise Now Available Through Google Cloud Marketplace

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Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise, today announced the availability of Redis Enterprise Cloud on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing customers with a tightly integrated service that improves operational efficiency and increases developer productivity, while enabling the always-on availability and performance required from the applications that power their businesses.

By purchasing Redis Enterprise Cloud through the Google Cloud Marketplace, customers benefit from unified billing—a single bill from Google Cloud covering their Redis Enterprise Cloud usage along with their existing Google Cloud usage. Redis Enterprise Cloud will be metered by per-minute usage. Additionally, in many cases, customers can use their financial commitments with Google Cloud towards the purchase of Redis Enterprise Cloud.

Google Cloud Marketplace lets users quickly deploy functional software packages that run on Google Cloud. Google Cloud Marketplace allows customers to easily start up a familiar software package with services like Compute Engine or Cloud Storage, with no manual configuration required.

“Offering Redis Enterprise Cloud through Google Cloud Marketplace is an exciting milestone towards our shared goal of offering a simplified and streamlined experience for building and running modern high-performance applications,” said Rod Hamlin, Vice President, Global Alliances and Strategic Partnerships at Redis Labs. “The combination of Redis Enterprise Cloud and Google Cloud enables developers to do what they do best—build innovative software at scale with the tools they love.”

“We’re delighted to continue our close collaboration with Redis Labs on open-core, customer-centric innovation,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud has a number of benefits for customers, including high availability, ease-of-deployment, and now simple and integrated billing via Google Cloud Marketplace.”

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You can find Redis Enterprise Cloud on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Additional information about the Redis Labs and Google Cloud partnership can be found on the company’s blog or contact Redis Labs at

About Redis Labs

Modern businesses depend on the power of real-time data. With Redis Labs, organizations deliver instant experiences in a highly reliable and scalable manner. Redis Labs is the home of Redis, the world’s most popular in-memory database, and commercial provider of Redis Enterprise that delivers superior performance, matchless reliability and unparalleled flexibility for high-speed transactions, recommendation engines, data ingest, fraud mitigation, real-time indexing, session management, and caching.

Redis Labs, ranked as a leader in top analyst reports on NoSQL, in-memory databases, operational databases, and database-as-a-service, is trusted by seven Fortune 10 companies, three of the four credit card issuers, three of the top five communication companies, three of the top five healthcare companies, six of the top eight technology companies, and four of the top seven retailers.

Redis has been voted the most loved database, rated the most popular database container, and #1 cloud database.