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RedPoint Announces Digital Acquisition Platform for Targeted Ad Experiences

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RedPoint Global, a top provider of customer data platform (CDP) and
customer engagement technologies, today announced the RedPoint Digital
Acquisition Platform for targeted ad experiences, a solution that will
simplify the process of data activation and personalization across the
digital ecosystem. This solution enables RedPoint Global customers to
directly access and control granular data to dynamically determine the
next-best offer to serve in ad networks. This means brands can define an
audience once and then deliver an offer or message to any number of
touchpoints, with a closed-loop of response data returned back that
provides for optimized interaction, re-targeting and increased
contextual relevancy of the next-best message or offer. The solution
enables marketers to seamlessly manage communications across all online
and offline touchpoints. The solution gives ownership of the full
customer relationship (acquisition to retention) and digital ecosystem
(website, mobile apps, email, ad networks, social) to the brand marketer.

Using the RedPoint
Customer Engagement Hub
™, a marketer selects a first-party audience,
which is dynamically onboarded for activation in downstream ad platforms
and networks (e.g. SSPs, DSPs, providers like Google and Facebook, and
many others) and hyper-personalized ad targeting. Audience details from
these providers are dynamically returned to RedPoint for measurement,
re-targeting, and additional real-time website optimization of the
customer journey. The solution offers marketers better insight into
visitor profiles, interests, and activities when on a brand website for
more effective personalization and engagement through virtually any type
of delivery system.

“Having an accurate, comprehensive, and in-depth customer record that is
available in real time to any interaction touchpoint is critical in
empowering brands to compete based on customer experience,” said Dale
Renner, CEO and co-founder of RedPoint Global. “Previously, marketers
lacked control over their data and advertising platforms, and had no
reliable way of matching downstream interactions back to the CDP. The
RedPoint Digital Acquisition Platform helps brands simplify and optimize
interactions with true measurement and optimization for all data at the
speed and scale required to improve customer engagement.”

The connection of the CDP, real-time decisioning, and demand side
platform (DSP) functionality greatly simplifies the traditional value
chain of onboarding, activation, acquisition, and measurement for
marketers, creating a closed-loop process that can be optimized based on
true attribution.

As third-party demographic data and behavioral data is appended and
continuously updated to the CDP environment, marketers have the precise
data that enables them to customize the journey at every step along the
way, including those spanning anonymous-to-known states. The granularity
of the data available helps brands best understand in real-time consumer
preferences, intent and changing behaviors throughout the buyer journey.

“The traditional approach to programmatic advertising is broken,
requiring brands to invest in multiple disparate technologies to
manually stitch together disparate customer profiles without a high
level of success,” noted David Daniels, CEO of The Relevancy Group.
“This closed-loop process allows for a much more seamless and efficient
experience in digital customer engagement while helping organizations
streamline resources and budgets to gain the most impact.”

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