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Regis® Partners with Google to Streamline Interaction with Customers; New Partnership Expected to Make Salon Interactions Easier

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Regis Corporation (NYSE: RGS), a leader in the haircare industry, whose
primary business is franchising, owning, and operating hair salons, is
partnering with Google to improve and streamline the salon discovery and
customer booking experience. The integration will be powered by
Opensalon™, Regis’ proprietary platform that will allow Google users to
book salon services directly through Google Search and Google Maps. This
new integration provides booking times and enables customers to reserve
and check in for various salon services via mobile devices or desktops
with both the company’s franchised and company-owned salons.

Easy online booking is a must-have for customer-focused service
businesses with tens of millions of potential monthly Google views for
the Company’s owned and franchised salons. The integration is expected
to greatly improve the customer experience by simplifying scheduling,
minimizing salon wait times, and encouraging discovery and use of its
salons and services.

Google users who search for one of the many Regis brands available on
Opensalon™ will be able to immediately view nearby locations and base
level pricing, auto-populate their personal information, book a service,
and navigate to the location – all with a few clicks or taps.

“As we continue to leverage technology to transform our business, we are
constantly working on innovative new ideas to improve our customers’
experience with our portfolio of salons. Regis’ partnership with Google
as well as our new Opensalon™ platform will fundamentally change the way
we interact with, and service our customers, offering a seamless
experience. Regis will continue to proactively roll out new technologies
and features bringing convenience to our customers’ fingertips and
facilitating a high-quality salon experience,” said Chad Kapadia, Chief
Technology Officer and Head of Product Engineering.

About Regis Corporation

Regis Corporation (NYSE:RGS) is a leader in beauty salons and
cosmetology education. As of March 31, 2019, the Company franchised,
owned or held ownership interests in 7,838 worldwide locations. Regis’
corporate and franchised locations operate under concepts such as
Supercuts®, SmartStyle®, MasterCuts®, Regis Salons®, Sassoon®, Cost
Cutters®, Roosters® and First Choice Haircutters®. Regis maintains an
ownership interest in Empire Education Group in the U.S. For additional
information about the Company, including a reconciliation of certain
non-GAAP financial information and certain supplemental financial
information, please visit the Investor Information section of the
corporate website at
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