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Remarkety Offers New Pay-As-You-Go eCommerce SMS/MMS with a Dollar-for-Dollar Match for up to $1000

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Remarkety Inc., a leading provider of data-driven, multi-channel eCommerce marketing automation, is now adding a new MMS (or Multimedia Messaging Service) offering to the mix. This feature lets businesses incorporate pictures, animated gifs, video, vCards, or audio to grab even more attention in one of the most effective marketing channels: the cell phone. It’s basically a flashier version of SMS. With Remarkety eCommerce SMS/MMS, companies can see upwards of 30X ROI and a 23% increase in cart recovery!

Both Remarkety eCommerce SMS and the new MMS feature are now also available in a pay-as-you-go plan. This allows companies to reap all the benefits of eCommerce SMS and MMS with absolutely no commitment.

Until March 15th, Remarkety is matching all purchases of SMS/MMS credits dollar-for-dollar for up to $1000. In other words, pay for up to $1000 SMS/MMS credits and get up to $2000-worth.

Beyond enabling companies to rise above the noise of the inbox with relevant, timely texts, Remarkety eCommerce SMS gives businesses even more visibility into consumer behavior across channels and devices. One example is how it extends abandoned cart recovery across a customer’s different devices.

It is very important to be able to continue a cart checkout process across devices. For example, an order that was started on a laptop but completed on a mobile device. The challenge there is that session cookies are not synched. Remarkety solves this problem,” said Joel Presman Co-founder and General Manager at Remarkety. “Remarkety creates a more comprehensive customer profile by tracking responses to automation, newsletters, texts, and behavior on the site – even across devices. The tracking is about creating a better user experience that allows the conversation to move seamlessly across channels. Over time, that adds up not just to increase sales but customers’ lifetime value.”

With the Remarkety SMS Marketing platform, eCommerce companies have virtually limitless options to forge stronger connections with customers and bolster their bottom line, including:

  • Following up on an unopened email with an SMS, or vice versa.
  • Seamlessly continuing sessions across desktop and mobile, enabling customers to checkout or recover abandoned carts, regardless of browser cookies, login, or device.
  • Tracking and monitoring which audiences respond to which channels and leverage dynamic tags to segment and target accordingly.
  • Strengthening engagement and loyalty with personalized messages, invitations to exclusive flash sales, and product recommendations.
  • Hyper-targeted automated SMS based on real-time and historic user purchase and intent history

Now companies can capitalize on this powerful feature whenever, and for however long, they want.

* The offer is valid through 3/15 in the US & Canada only. We’ll match you dollar-for-dollar when you buy up to $1000-worth of SMS credits. The promotion SMS/MMS credits are up to $1000 and need to be used within 60 days from the purchase day.