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Remote-Controlled Robotics Innovator Telexistence Closes $20M Series A-2 Round

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Airbus Ventures announces its latest investment in Telexistence, Inc., a leading innovator in remote-controlled robotics with artificial intelligence that has closed a $20M Series A-2 financing round led by a group company of Monoful Inc. and comprising additional funds from KDDI, Deepcore, UTokyo IPC, and multiple new investors. Telexistence has raised about $41 million to date, since the company’s inception in 2017.

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Telexistence’s Model-T Robot undergoing testing in-studio. (Credit: Telexistence)

Telexistence’s Model-T Robot undergoing testing in-studio. (Credit: Telexistence)

“As we rethink and transform the basic meaning of ‘existence,’ we are actively expanding our in-house engineering team, accelerating product development, and upscaling deployment to the company’s growing customer base in offline retail and logistics,” explains Jin Tomioka, Telexistence CEO and co-Founder. “This funding signals a new chapter, and we are excited to welcome new partners, still more grateful than ever for Airbus Ventures, our lead Series A investor in 2018, and their mentorship and dedication to our mission.”

Materializing a vision of a more connected humanity interacting and evolving across multiple spatial and temporal scales, Telexistence releases humans from physical constraints utilizing Telexistence® technology, robotics, telecommunication, VR, haptics, and AI. In July 2020, the company unveiled Telexistence’s Model-T Robot.

“Telexistence is accelerating its now proven capacity to bring future trends and anticipated technologies into reach, and fuse them into practical reality in the here and now. Where AI and human intelligence each on their own could not achieve practical robot operations across time and space, Telexistence makes their combination work, with the connectivity capabilities to now make important contributions to logistics applications and a host of new possibilities ahead,” remarks Dr. Lewis Pinault, Airbus Ventures Partner in Tokyo. “Jin and this brilliantly creative, internationally diversified team now benefit from an even stronger collective through our co-investors, whose outstanding expertise across logistics, telecom, and AI are set to build key elements of a more fully connected and newly realized society to tackle the challenges of our planet.”

In October 2021, Telexistence will join forces with FamilyMart Co., Ltd, in collaboration with Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, to help advance operational infrastructure through robotics.

About Telexistence

Telexistence is powered by a development team constantly advancing and curating cutting-edge hardware, software, and automated technology in-house to foster a more connected humanity, interacting and evolving across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Interested in joining us? Learn more about our open roles here.

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