Press release and Primary Form Strategic Alliance to Streamline and Expedite Access to US Wide COVID-19 Community Testing

Sponsored by Businesswire and Primary ( announced a strategic partnership today to provide a fully comprehensive “end-to-end” solution for Sars-COV-2 testing, from sample collection to result.

The streamlined process uses Primary’s web application which enables patients to request a test and receive results in a faster and more time-efficient manner.

Formed in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is focused on increasing screening and diagnostic capacity for novel infectious diseases. By partnering with community and health organizations and dramatically improving throughput and costs, the company’s principal goal is to democratize access to testing. In early April, the team rapidly responded to the New York City call to expand testing capacity and collaborated with existing CLIA facilities to serve the first responder community. In early June, the company received its CLIA certification for the Oakland laboratory located at the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI), thus increasing the availability of testing to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Primary developed a web application and participant support system to provide rapid access to testing at scale. The company has successfully executed multiple community-wide testing projects, partnered with academic, medical, and state agencies. Primary is actively supporting the testing of thousands of participants each day. The company’s technology provides patients with a method to schedule their collections and manage their test results using a simple online requisition process and integrated user interface.

While discussing the alliance, CEO Craig Rouskey said, “This important partnership will streamline the registration and resulting process of specimens acquired through large-scale collection sites. The application enables us to manage our capacity, currently at 12,000 samples per day, to support testing of communities in New York and Oakland.”

Said Primary CEO Andrew Kobylinski, “We are at a critical time point in this pandemic. This partnership is vitally important to both expand capacity and expedite large scale community access to COVID-19 testing as we get everyone safely back to work.” is dedicated to collaborating across the ecosystem of public health to make coronavirus testing accessible to all, no matter their income. Partnering with Primary will further that goal and make COVID-19 testing available to all.


As a Queer owned and operated public benefit corporation, is accelerating humanity’s capacity to test for novel pathogens such as COVID-19. The company empowers an overburdened public health system to respond swiftly to epidemiologic crises by delivering fast, reliable, cost-effective solutions for community-based triage.

In collaboration with other laboratories, researchers, and organizations across the ecosystem of public health, is working day and night with a singular goal to make COVID-19 testing accessible to everyone regardless of income.

About Primary

Primary provides end-to-end solutions for workforce and community health by enabling testing at scale through government agencies, employers, and community partners. For participants, Primary simplifies and expedites everything from test scheduling to result delivery while adapting to participant needs. Primary is meeting the demand for fast, reliable health initiatives as we pursue a sense of normalcy in an uncertain world. For more information visit: