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Reputation Risks Facing High-Net-Worth Families

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A three-part series of live, 30-minute briefings with reputation management, Internet law, investigations, due diligence and risk mitigation experts, on reputation risks facing high net worth families, will take place on August 5, 12 and 19, 2020. Registration is free and may be made via the links below. The program will be held on Zoom.

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Briefing details (Graphic: Business Wire)

Briefing details (Graphic: Business Wire)

The program is hosted by Reputation Communications and moderated by its founder and CEO, Shannon Wilkinson.

Participants include Don Aviv, President of Interfor International; Tim Murphy, President & CEO of Consortium Networks; David Niccolini, Co-Founder of TorchStone Global; Christine Rafin, Associate General Counsel – Media and Compliance at American Media in New York City; Dan Shefet, Individual Specialist to UNESCO, and Adviser to the Council of Europe on the Internet Ombudsman; and an expert in Internet law; and Arun Rao, President of IGI.

Program details:

Wednesday, August 5: Alert: The Reputation Risk Setting Now.

Shannon Wilkinson will summarize the types of reputation risks HNWFs face.

David Niccolini will provide examples of the types of risks HNWFs encounter now, and the importance of situational awareness.

Tim Murphy will introduce cybersecurity threats that are increasingly common to HNWFs, including account takeover and ransomware attacks.

Click here to register for the August 5th briefing.

Wednesday, August 12: Alarm: Your Internet Legal Rights in the U.S. & Abroad.

Shannon Wilkinson will introduce the program.

Christine Rafin will summarize why consumers have so few Internet legal rights in the U.S., and address common questions relating to the removal of negative, defamatory and/or infringing material from the Internet.

Dan Shefet will explain how the “Right to Be Forgotten” law operates in Europe and describe the privacy laws in Europe.

Click here to register for the August 12 briefing.

Wednesday, August 19: Adapt: Double-Due Diligence & Expert Intel.

Shannon Wilkinson will introduce the program.

Don Aviv will provide inside examples of the types of threats that due diligence has revealed, especially on the personal rather than organizational side of HNWFs.

Arun Rao will share insight into the types of reputation risk issues facing prominent public figures like elected officials, candidates for public office, entertainers, and high-profile executives. Key issues include investigating and addressing false allegations and “fake news.”

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Kelly Cook of CRE Agentur is the event advisor.