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Resecurity Announces Partnership with GARR-CERT

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Resecurity has partnered with GARR-CERT, a leader in management of IT security incidents and threat reports headquartered in Rome, Italy. GARR-CERT has agreed to experiment and evaluate Resecurity’s Risk platform to improve on cyber-defenses, monitoring, risk management and notifications of internal, external and cloud-based threats. Using Risk, GARR-CERT can better analyze threat activity across its network of universities, training locations and research centers. GARR continues to lead in the design of advanced infrastructure developed specifically for the scientific community and academia. Resecurity’s Risk platform will also be leveraged to help train GARR-CERT’s students as course creators can better navigate the cybersecurity landscape to find the latest advanced threats.

Within the last decade, cyber-attackers have been largely targeting enterprise data using a series of common attack vectors and exploits. Sensitive data is sold on darknet markets at a high price, making data breaches a profitable venture for cyber-criminals. It’s not uncommon for organizations to have dozens of attacks on their data every day, so it’s imperative that they take necessary steps to detect, contain, mitigate and investigate suspicious network traffic activity.

Instead of being reactive, an enterprise must be proactive in detecting threats. With Risk, clients can closely monitor risk factors and query specific domains of interest. By coupling Risk with current network infrastructure, administrators can query their own domains, monitor a range of internal and external IP addresses, analyze corporate email address activity and many other categories of cybersecurity data. Risk also includes multiple open-source directories and darkweb portals within its threat intelligence that can be used to find data breach information posted by bad actors attempting to sell it to third parties. By proactively scouring these directories and portals, organizations can be aware of breaches to effectively mitigate an incident through forensics, customer relations, and internal procedures.

GARR-CERT plans to experiment with Risk to evaluate its potential with complex enterprise and government data. The Italian organization will be able to analyze three types of data: external, internal and cloud-based data. Included in Risk’s data analysis is over 20 risk vectors, which will be used to calculate risk along with Resecurity’s advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Some components and services included in Risk’s vectors are current data breaches, compromised accounts and account credentials, botnet activity, darkweb cyber-criminal actions, vulnerable corporate services and software running on the network, potentially vulnerable virtual machines and cloud storage, and local storage that could pose a risk to data disclosure.

For any attack vector found to be a high risk for the organization, Risk will send notifications to administrators who can then further analyze if an attack should be investigated and additional measures taken to mitigate it. GARR-CERT will evaluate Risk’s notification to test the platform for false negatives and determine its artificial intelligence’s accuracy. By leveraging GARR-CERT’s partnership, Resecurity can improve on its current system and determine the next step in its platform’s evolution. By partnering with organizations such as GARR-CERT, Resecurity can help academia and universities with cybersecurity research and training.

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