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Resecurity Launches Elite Team to Deliver Human-Curated, In-Depth Analysis of Data Inside the Context™ Platform

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Resecurity, a cybersecurity company that delivers in-depth analysis layered on top of the most comprehensive, exclusive sets of data from the Deep and Dark Web, announces the launch of the company’s Hunter Unit™. This elite group is composed of subject matter experts experienced in technology development and malware research, network exploitation, network and system defense strategies and more from backgrounds in law enforcement, government and military agencies, and enterprises. The Hunter Unit is the offensive line against threats, curating all the data intelligence behind Resecurity’s Context™ platform, validating that information and delivering it in the most actionable format to customers.

“Our Hunter Unit is comprised of the industry’s top authorities. We created the team over time, building on long-standing relationships with experts with whom we have collaborated over the years. There’s no question, we’ve pulled together the best of the best. These men and women are passionate about offensive intelligence and are constantly on the lookout for new threats, exploit codes, risk vectors and more,” says Resecurity CEO, Gene Yoo.

“Resecurity’s Hunter Unit has proven to us they can find the needle in the haystack,” says Trish Weedon, SVP and chief information security officer at Discovery Inc. “This is what sets Resecurity apart from everyone else, the ability to bring together the right people using human intelligence to deliver an elevated level of threat analysis, ultimately allowing us to be proactive with our security measures.”

Resecurity’s Context™, a cyber threat intelligence platform for enterprises and government agencies, delivers cyber threat intelligence harvested from millions of data points combined with data science, allowing for actionable insights. The company’s Risk™ product calculates a daily security score based upon a summary of all risks for a company’s monitored domains, IP, network, vulnerabilities and cloud services. Geo-location capability delivers contextual information identifying low, medium and high-risk areas for managing infrastructure, network resources and other company assets.


Today, it’s not enough to know what’s happening IN your network. Organizations must have situational intelligence as to what’s happening outside their environment. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Resecurity is a cybersecurity company that delivers in-depth analysis layered on top of the most comprehensive, exclusive sets of data from the Deep and Dark Web. Based on years of experience and our current work with international governments and law enforcement agencies, Resecurity’s Hunter Unit™ pulls and analyzes the best data, and delivers it in the most actionable format. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.