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ResiDesk Announces First of Its Class Proactive Insights for Multi-family Asset and Property Managers

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ResiDesk, an emerging leader in multi-family residential tenant communication and analytics, today announces the general availability of Insights, a first of its class real-time overview of residential portfolios’ vacancy risks.

Studies have shown that 80% of consumers say speed and convenience are the most important elements of good customer service and that 68% of renters leave because of bad customer service. Because of these statistics, asset managers will also often complete “secret shopping” to see how fast their property and leasing managers respond to different types of inquiries.

Additionally, while most Property Management Systems have excellent data and dashboards, especially surrounding financial and leasing metrics, they have limited real-time insight into the day-to-day communications of a particular tenant or unit. These micro-interactions can often be the “canary in a coal mine” of a dissatisfied or litigious tenant. In order to identify these risks, residential asset managers often resort to a series of time consuming tasks such as reading online reviews, visiting properties and canvassing overlooked maintenance issues or open units.

ResiDesk Insights is the first software solution to surface sentiment trends, and allow the asset manager or property manager to drill down into specific units to identify and address root causes before they become a liability or a vacancy. Insights also tracks the speed to initiate response, highlighting issues in tenant communication. Insights is available both as a report with a visual summary of communication and satisfaction trends, and as an in-line feature of the communication platform itself.

Sam Nowakowski, CRO of ResiDesk, observed, “While property management systems are an invaluable tool for property owners and managers, our communication platform helps residents and property managers communicate faster and easier to find and resolve issues before they start, and Insights helps us prove that.”

ResiDesk Insights features include:

  • List of units with the highest and lowest probability of renewal
  • Which tenants create communication overhead, and why
  • Average communication response time for both tenant and staff
  • Trends in response time
  • Proprietary ResiDesk real-time unit churn risk score

Shant’a Johnson, Director of Family and Community Vitality at Maiker Housing Partners, said, “ResiDesk Insights is highlighting response times, satisfaction and risk scores that help us answer the questions our executive directors are asking. It has exponentially moved us forward on community management, and moved the needle with prospects and new leases up as well.”

ResiDesk Insights is available for all ResiDesk customers today. To get a demonstration of how the ResiDesk communication platform and Insights, please visit

About ResiDesk

ResiDesk is a leader in residential multi-family tenant communications software. By using text messaging along with other communication, ResiDesk increases resident satisfaction by facilitating faster responses between tenants and property managers. The ResiDesk platform also includes Insights, a real-time overview of sentiment and communications for multi-family asset and property managers. ResiDesk is already in use at more than 20,000 units around the world. For more information visit