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Rethink Solutions Expands Organizational Security and IT Controls With Launch of itamlink Enterprise

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Rethink Solutions has announced the launch of itamlink Enterprise, a new plan that offers property tax teams industry-leading tools to enhance security, efficiency, and auditability. The new plan, which comes with SSO (single sign-on), user APIs, field-level permissions, webhooks, and more, helps administrators centralize user access, protect critical data fields, and streamline employee onboarding and offboarding.

“As the itamlink client base continues to grow and existing clients expand adoption across additional departments, we’ve seen a need for increasingly robust organizational security,” says Mordechai Katzman, President of Rethink Solutions. “Our team developed itamlink Enterprise to address this need, with the goal of providing enhanced IT controls for better auditability as well as features that boost team productivity.”

The leading developer of property tax management software for owners, occupiers and managers of real estate portfolios, Rethink Solutions has a long history of developing solutions to navigate the complexities of real estate property tax. With itamlink Enterprise, organizations are better able to make strategic business decisions and maximize portfolio value, while ensuring real estate and property tax data assets are secure.

“Property tax is the single-largest operating expense for most owners and occupiers of real estate portfolios, yet many rely on time-consuming, manual processes that are full of risk,” says Katzman. “itamlink Enterprise takes away many of the risks and headaches associated with managing properties across a multi-jurisdictional portfolio.”

itamlink Enterprise comes with the following functionality:

  • SSO (Secure Sign-on). Centralized administration simplifies onboarding and offboarding, as user access to all applications can be managed from one spot. Fewer passwords to remember reduces the need for manual resets.
  • User roles, field-level permissions, and a user admin API. Administrators can create and assign user roles rather than configuring access individually, as well as assign field-level permissions to protect critical fields and provide more granular control. With the new user admin API, IT can now manage users without logging into itamlink.
  • Configurable webhooks and bulk-delete. Data can be sent from itamlink to other systems automatically and in real time. Configurable webhooks allow administrators to subscribe to events and trigger follow-up actions, such as sending an email when a property is created. Bulk-delete makes it easy to remove properties or parcels that are no longer active.

itamlink Enterprise is now available. To learn more, visit the itamlink Enterprise page.

About Rethink Solutions

Rethink Solutions is the leading developer of property tax and real estate expense management software. Established in 2001, our team of property tax management experts are dedicated to building software solutions that help owners and occupiers of real estate portfolios manage their multi-jurisdictional property tax processes.