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Revature Launches Workforce Transformation Program to Drive Reskilling & Upskilling for US Workers

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According to the World Economic Forum, 54% of current employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022. To meet the needs of the U.S. workforce and make reskilling a reality for the enterprise, Revature, a tech career launchpad and the largest employer of entry-level technology talent in the United States, today announced the launch of its Workforce Transformation program. The Revature Workforce Transformation service suite includes Talent Assessment & Workforce Planning, Reskilling, and Upskilling capabilities to serve the most important assets of any technology organization – its human capital.

“Our full range of technical training disciplines combined with the ability to assess aptitude, identify skills gaps, create custom curriculums and train in every modality imaginable makes our Workforce Transformation Program truly unique,” said Bob Gasser, Chief Revenue Officer, Revature. “In the post-pandemic world, remote, instructor-led, and classroom-based training must have a place in every business’ digital transformation plan. We are proud to partner with companies who view technology talent development as a core component of their strategic plan.”

Revature has trained over 7,000 software engineers in 54 technical disciplines, recruited talent from 700 universities, and deployed them to blue chip companies throughout the U.S. The company is a Salesforce Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider, an Authorized Training Partner of Pegasystems, and has committed to Infosys’ Reskill and Restart consortium.

Workforce Transformation services will include:

  • Talent Assessment & Workforce Planning: Revature’s aptitude assessment capabilities allow organizations to understand the topology of employee skill sets and map them against strategic objectives. Reskilling and Upskilling services are then applied to close the gaps that could ultimately slow innovation and productivity.
  • Reskilling: based on Revature’s core foundational software engineering curriculum – Reskilling programs will allow non-technical team members to acquire programming skills and perform project-based work as part of agile teams.
  • Upskilling: as companies continue to invest and implement new products across their tech stack, the demand for product specialists has increased exponentially. Revature will offer market-leading training programs to experienced staff – with a customized curricula and timeline based on client need. Upskilling can also be easily integrated into furlough programs as a strategy for retaining valuable members of the technology workforce.

“Revature is answering an urgent, nationwide call to invest in American workers and provide them the critical tech skills required for future employment and success,” said Ashwin Bharath, CEO of Revature. “For many enterprises, the idea of reskilling their workforce is conceptual – we recognize the urgent need to roll up our sleeves and deploy training programs that will have an immediate impact on business outcomes. Our commitment extends far beyond a short-term plan as we are proudly committed to training one million programmers within the next ten years.”

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About Revature

Revature is the largest employer of emerging technology talent in the U.S. and the talent development partner of choice for Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and top systems integrators. Since its founding, Revature has trained over 7,000 software engineers in 54 technical disciplines, recruited talent from 700 universities, and deployed them to blue chip companies throughout the U.S.

Revature’s mission is to create a pathway for qualified candidates from diverse experiences and educational backgrounds to reach their potential as technology professionals. Graduates of the Revature program work on innovative, challenging and rewarding software development projects across the United States. Revature has committed to training one million developers over the next decade.

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