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Revolutionary Advisor Assisted Robo, Cy, Just Got Better

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WBI Technologies along with WBI Investments, a leading provider of separately managed accounts and exchange-traded funds and TAMP solutions, today announces the release of Cy Version 2.0, a revolutionary digital wealth management TAMP platform with the goal of helping clients achieve greater investment success through quantitative research, advanced mathematics and machine learning.

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Don Schreiber, Jr. Founder & Chief Executive Officer WBI Investments (Photo: Business Wire)

Don Schreiber, Jr. Founder & Chief Executive Officer WBI Investments (Photo: Business Wire)

Cy – short for “Cy-Borg” – is an advanced integration of human advice and robotic technology. Cy quickly establishes the dollar loss a client is willing to take in pursuit of their goals and establishes their required rate of return. Cy’s calculations are based on the client’s investment assets, income, qualified plans, and government benefits, as well as their projected retirement income need. Inflation assumptions are integrated to help ensure investors do not outlive their income streams. Then, WBI’s Cy investment technology sifts through thousands of managers and strategies to construct a portfolio that seeks to achieve the highest risk-adjusted return possible at the level of loss the client is willing to tolerate. Cy then runs thousands of simulations aiming to engineer portfolios that achieve the client’s benchmarks for loss and return. Cy’s goal is to increase investment success by reducing risk to capital and growing capital balances to fund client lifestyles in retirement.

With the new release of Cy, advisors can now instantly illustrate the effect of annual income withdrawals on client capital. For added convenience, the Cy advisors can create “client households” to easily manage multiple household accounts. WBI brings Innovation in Investing with Cy.

“We believe we have a strategic advantage because we come from a background of wealth management and investment management. Our experience isn’t traditional Fin Tech, so we’ve created something that we feel is truly unique,” said Matt Schreiber, Chief Executive Officer, WBI Technologies. “If you haven’t taken a look yet, you should. Cy’s turnkey financial planning concepts and hallmark innovations to portfolio construction and optimization are unparalleled in the marketplace today.”

If you and your clients have experienced buy and hold investment failure in past bear markets, it is time to chart a new course with Cy’s new vision for investing. Financial advisors can demo the power of Cy for free at

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WBI Investments is a privately-owned investment management firm located in Red Bank, New Jersey. For over three decades, WBI’s goal has been to help investors achieve their retirement goals by aiming to reduce risk to capital and produce attractive returns so they can stay comfortably invested.

Investors should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Past performance is not guarantee of future success. This is not an offer to buy or sell any security. There is always the possibility of loss, including the loss of the initial investment. Cy is a proprietary algorithmic investment tool developed by WBI Investments, Inc. (“WBI”) in conjunction with WBI Technologies LLC. It should not be assumed that the future results of any specific investment strategies analyzed by Cy will be profitable or suitable for all investors. Moreover, the analysis provided by the Cy optimization tool may vary with each use and over time. Please visit or call 1-800-772-5810 for more information.

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