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Rheaply Chosen to Participate in Goldman Sachs’ 2021 Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort

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Rheaply, a climate tech company that combines a resource-sharing network with a user-friendly platform for physical asset management, today announced its participation in Goldman Sachs’ 2021 Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort. The cohort features 15 companies, all led by U.S.-based Black or Latinx entrepreneurs across a range of sectors, including enterprise software, financial technology, healthcare, and consumer.

As part of the experience, Rheaply has gained access to resources within the Goldman Sachs network, such as sector-specific workshops and mentorship opportunities, and relationships with investors, executives, and industry experts. The program will culminate in an invite-only Investor Showcase on June 23rd, where the companies will present their visions to the Launch With GS ecosystem of like-minded investors.

“The opportunity to be part of the Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort has been extremely exciting for Rheaply,” said Dr. Garry Cooper, CEO and Co-Founder of Rheaply. “The expertise shared by Goldman Sachs’ leaders, and the ability to learn from entrepreneurs who have been down similar paths, will be invaluable to us as a company as we move forward. It has also given us the chance to collaborate and engage with potential investors, allowing us to grow and scale both our business and the principles of the circular economy as a whole.”

“A sustainable future demands making informed strategic decisions today, and Rheaply, with its focus on the circular economy and physical asset management, is helping organizations do exactly that,” said Suzanne Gauron, head of Launch With GS. “Goldman Sachs has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and we are pleased that Rheaply has joined our cohort as they focus on their goal of reshaping business to create a circular future.”

Rheaply’s technology is shaping the future of the circular economy by helping corporate users eliminate waste and save money. By 2030, the estimated economic output derived from the circular economy is estimated to be worth $4.5 trillion and, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the economic model will also create a 48% reduction in carbon emissions.

The Launch With GS opportunity comes shortly after the successful launch of Rheaply’s Reuse Initiative, a multi-pronged campaign to educate and inspire businesses, employees, and the general public about the power of reuse. The initiative garnered thousands of engagements within its first week alone.

To learn more about the companies in the 2021 Launch With GS Entrepreneur Cohort, please visit this page.

About Rheaply

Rheaply is the technology for connecting professionals with resources and catalyzing the circular economy. As the only market solution that combines an asset management system with an online marketplace, Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager (AxM)™ enables organizations to manage and transact physical assets more effectively, eliminating unnecessary waste and spend. To learn more about Rheaply, visit or follow @RheaplyInc.

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About Launch With GS

Launch With GS is Goldman Sachs’ investment strategy grounded in the belief that diverse teams drive strong returns. Through Launch With GS, Goldman Sachs aims to increase access to capital and facilitate connections for women, Black, Latinx and other diverse entrepreneurs and investors.